October 2016

October 2016

Strategies for Success Newsletter October 2016 Issue 130


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In this October 2016 issue:

  1. Thoughts from the Office
  2. Thoughts from Home
  3. Josmo’s Cafe
  4. Stay Energized
  5. Emily Live


  1. Thoughts from the Office

10 Ways to Generate Referral Business

There is no better reward and recognition than receiving a referral. Earning quality referrals takes planning and strategy. Here are ten ideas that will increase referrals to you.

  1. To get referrals, give referrals. At networking events, introduce people to each other to broaden their network.
  2. Create a list of the ten firms you want to do business with and currently don’t. Keep that list visible. It helps focus your belief, attention, and actions.
  3. Treat vendors like clients.       Underwriters and marketing reps, glass companies, independent inspectors and claims adjustors, and rental car companies. Their high praise will help cement your reputation and promote positive buzz.
  4. Use LinkedIn effectively. This powerful networking site is your public resume. Keep it professional, current, and relevant.
  5. Keep your referral sources in the know. Tell them what’s happening. Send an appropriate thank you note or gift to your referral source.
  6. Hand write thank you notes to clients. Enclose two business cards. Add a postscript that says, “We love referrals! Please pass these cards to others you think we can assist.”
  7. Establish an internal referral program in your office. Encourage employees to refer business to another department. If the proper licenses are in place, income can be shared.
  8. On your Facebook page, feature clients who have referred business to you. Ask if you can use their words or video their testimonial.
  9. Use your refined prospect list to ask current clients in related fields if they know any of your prospects. If so, can you use their name? Will they make an introduction?
  10. Last but not least, do a stupendous job for your clients. Keep your promises. Show appreciation for their business. Stay in touch.


  1. Thoughts from home

Are you making life more difficult than you need to?

Like many mothers, my mom wanted to be sure I looked my best when I left the house. I grew up in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania in the era before we had permanent press clothes. This meant my mom ironed everything –  including my father’s boxer shorts! She was so meticulous about her ironing, that she used a sleeve board so that my shirts didn’t have creases down the sleeves.

One of my classmates in junior high was a girl named Judy Quay. She, too, had a mother who ironed her clothes. But her sleeves always had this great crisp crease. I loved it. I was jealous. My mother was really proud of her crease-less ironing prowess so I wisely kept my mouth shut.

Fast forward 40 years. My mom and I are sitting at her kitchen table in Sun City, AZ, chatting about what children wear today. I commented to my mom that I always loved Judy Quay’s crisply creased shirtsleeves. My mom looked at me with a shocked expression and said, “If only I had known that! I wouldn’t have gone to all that work making sure yours didn’t have creases!”  We laughed and laughed.

Moral of the story,  Are you making work for yourself with a family member, a friend, or a client because you’ve neglected to ask what he or she prefers?

Published previously in 2009.


  1. Josmo’s Cafe

Pumpkin season has begun! Frosted Pumpkin Squares, a recipe from Troyer’s Home Pantry in Apple Creek, Ohio, is exactly what you want a moist pumpkin cake with cream cheese icing to taste like. Make it a day before to allow the flavors to blend overnight. Enjoy!

Check out other Josmo’s Cafe recipes. The choice for the month appears at the top of the page and also in its proper category. We hope this will help you find the recipe that you read, liked, and can’t seem to locate!

Please let us know how you like our recipes. We love hearing from you!


  1. Stay Energized

17 Terrific Tips for Meaningful Meetings will be sent to you in mid-October. Readers tell me the most valuable tips are 17 Terrific Tips When Visiting Clients,  17 Terrific Management Tips and 17 Terrific Negotiating Tips. Visit the Business Building page on our website to find articles, free stuff, and all the 17 Terrific Tips columns.

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Lori Augustyniak, CPA, CIC, President, Horizon Insurance, Bradenton, FL

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  1. Emily Live
  • Private client – strategy consulting – St. Joseph, MO – October 3-6, 2016
  • Private client workshops – Working Together for Success – Fargo, ND – October 31-November 4, 2016
  • Private client – strategy consulting – Parsippany, NJ – November 8-10, 2016 


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