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What's New for May 2018

90-Day Performance Review form is a new free resource available to you! Assessing a new hire's ability to learn and apply knowledge, take initiative, and be a good co-worker in the first 90 days avoids employment issues in the long term. We hope you find this performance tool useful in your company.

Josmo's Cafe My family loves baked goods that combine lemon and blueberries. My cousin Quincey and I baked a yummy  Lemon Souffle Cheesecake with Blueberry Sauce.  It's lighter than traditional cheesecake since meringue is folded into the batter.  Hope you'll give it try! Enjoy!

Energizer Minutes - Get supercharged with one-to-two minute audio personal storiesThe May 2018 message is What's your story?  Our Energizer Minute home page has links to many past messages. Listen now

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Increase growth and profits by starting your in-house service-selling practices!  Check out our in-house learning materials at our Learning Store. Service Selling Supercharge (52 weeks of 4-minute audio lessons), Selling from the Inside and Great Service Sells (how-to book) continue to be top sellers for in-house service professional development.

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Thoughts of the Month

Learn from Mother Nature. Observing and enjoying spring makes me realize that with no effort or control, life unfolds naturally.

The importance of trustWhen a person trusts no one, no one trusts him.