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What's New for September 2020

Exciting and challenging times require an effective plan

What business continuation strategies do you have in place? The need to immediately shift focus to employee health and well-being, remote team engagement, and continuing to provide caring and responsive client service is upon us. Please get in touch if I can assist you in navigating these challenges.

As always, I'm here to assist clients through consulting and coaching to advance organizational change, professional development, and bottom-line profit. Areas of expertise include:

  • Create and clarify strategic growth plans and execution strategy
  • Staff assessments to identify roadblocks, challenges, and development opportunities
  • Manager development and coaching
  • Update position responsibilities and job descriptions
  • Improve hiring practices
  • Revise reporting structure to optimize talent and efficiencies

Josmo's Cafe 

Our fig trees have been overflowing this year from lots of rain and southern summer heat. After making countless batches of my yummy Fig Orange Jam, I needed to branch out. I discovered this Fig Preserves Cake recipe so I could use my homemade fig jam. Win-win! Make the cake a day ahead to enhance both flavor and moistness. It is delicious!

Last month’s featured recipe, Peach Sorbet from Canned Peaches was a huge hit with readers. One Josmo’s Café fan wrote to tell me he made a variation of the recipe using canned pears, pear vodka, and vanilla ice cream and it was scrumptious. We will be making it soon!

We have over 90 recipes on our Josmo’s Café page. Many great dishes and sweets to make and enjoy!

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Thoughts of the Month

Work hard. In our confusing and conflicted world, hard work is still the key to success and contribution.

Separate emotion from reason.  When you feel unusually passionate about something, step back and assess the why behind it.