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What's New for October 2018

17 Terrific Tips to be Polished and Professional is a quick 'n dirty reference guide for new employees and friendly reminders for seasoned staff.  Hand out the list during an office meeting and ask people to assess themselves. Follow up by asking what they do best and what they can improve. Form small groups to discuss. Ask people to commit to one tip they can personally improve.

Josmo's Cafe Yippee!  It's pumpkin season! Frosted Pumpkin Cake Squares are absolutely the best fall dessert! I've featured this recipe in the past, so if you haven't yet made them, it's time to get out your mixing bowls! Enjoy!

Energizer Minutes - Get supercharged with one-to-two minute audio personal storiesThe October 2018 message is Don't fix that mistake.  Doesn't the title make you curious to listen? Our Energizer Minute home page has links to many past messages. Listen now

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Thoughts of the Month

The best medicine. Love and laughter.

Annoyed? Notice what irritates you about another person. Could it be that you are seeing yourself?