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What's New for October 2021

Has your business planning changed with the times? 

Today's employee and client needs and expectations require leadership and management agility. Please get in touch if I can assist your leadership team in identifying necessary changes, determining strategy, and implementing the plan forward.

I assist my clients in advancing organizational change, professional development, and bottom-line profit. Areas of expertise include:

  • Create and clarify strategic growth plans and execution strategy
  • Staff assessments to identify roadblocks, challenges, and development opportunities
  • Manager development and coaching
  • Update position responsibilities and job descriptions
  • Improve hiring practices
  • Revise reporting structure to optimize talent and efficiencies

Josmo's Cafe 

Mediterranean Orzo Salad is our featured recipe this month. I’ve made it several times for company over the past few months. Our guests request the recipe and say yes when asked if they want to take some home. Sure signs of a great dish!

Pumpkin fans - don’t forget to make our favorite Frosted Pumpkin Cake recipe this month.

We have over 100 recipes on our Josmo’s Café page. Many great dishes and sweets to make and enjoy!

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Stay Energized

I believe the secret to staying energized is continual self-work. My reading this past month includes two books. The Café on the Edge of World: A Story About the Meaning of Life by John Strelecky and Martha Beck’s new book The Way of Integrity: Finding the Path to Your True Self.

Both books challenge us to examine if the lives we are leading are what we want through our own choosing or what others or society expects from us. John Strelecky’s book is a short, insightful, and enjoyable story. It’s the first in a series café books. Martha Beck’s book is a deep dive and workbook for self-examination.

If you’re sorting out how the pandemic affected you and what to do with those emotions, these are two good books to start with.

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Thoughts of the Month

Watch it. Wear a watch. Avoid pulling your phone out.  It will help avoid the temptation to check messages.

Color outside the lines. Experiment and explore to build resilience and confidence.