What's New for Summer 2024

Eat well. Live well. 

That's an accurate summary of the past six months post-Selling Strategies! I love volunteering in the community, participating in elementary school literacy programs, and being involved with our local art museum. John and I have traveled to Victoria, BC, islands in the Caribbean, and Arizona seeing family and friends. In September, we are doing a long road trip exploring the Frank Lloyd Wright Trail in Wisconsin and ending in Oak Park outside of Chicago to see his many extraordinary buildings and homes there.

Josmo's Café is as busy as ever. I still love trying new recipes. We've added two more recipes to our list. Oven Baked Quesadillas and Slow Cooker Mediterranean Chicken.

Newsletters - While I'm not writing newsletters any longer, past newsletters are still posted on the site if you're interested in reading an old one just for fun.

Energizer Minutes - Our Energizer Minute home page has links to many past messages. Listen now

The Art of Abundance by Dennis Merritt Jones is a wonderful source of practices designed to enrich life with purpose and meaning. Here are a few of his thoughts:

Be focused. Establish and maintain a disciplined mind, focusing on what's right with life rather that what's wrong.

Be of service. When we serve others selflessly, we are recognizing things that matter. When someone knows they matter, they are intrinsically guided to demonstrate it in ways that serve others...and the circle is complete.

Be a catalyst for good. Such actions connect us directly to the secret of creating an abundant life - our innate oneness with the universe.