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What's New for December 2019

Expanded Offerings

If you’ve noticed that my business travel schedule has slowed down over the past year, it (happily) has! My phone consulting and coaching practice continues to expand to serve my clients on a more frequent and personal basis.

Here are recent examples of ways I’ve assisted my clients remotely to advance organizational change, professional development, and bottom-line profit:

  • Create and clarify strategic growth plans and execution strategy
  • Staff assessments to identify roadblocks, challenges, and development opportunities
  • Manager development and coaching
  • Update position responsibilities and job descriptions
  • Improve hiring practices
  • Revise reporting structure to optimize talent and efficiencies

Owners and managers, if you are seeking experienced guidance to fast-forward your organization’s goals, please email me emily@sellingstrategies.com to discuss.

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Thoughts of the Month

Advice to share. Better to have clients who become friends than friends (or family) who become clients.

Be responsible. If you have a backlog of work, let your boss know. Ask for help. It's not weakness. It's being responsible.