June 2022

June 2022

Strategies for Success Newsletter June 2022 Issue 198


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In this June 2022 issue:

  1. Thoughts from the Road
  2. Thoughts from Others
  3. Josmo’s Cafe
  4. Stay Energized


  1. Thoughts from the Road

Sticky situations

When visiting beautiful Arizona in April, our friends Alexandra and Steve introduced me to a new taste treat – Savannah Bee raw honeycomb. They served this delicacy on a beautiful charcuterie board that also had meats, cheeses, crackers, fruit jam and nuts. I spread a rice cracker with raw honeycomb and topped it with creamy Brie. I took a bite. I was in epicurean love!

I raved about the honeycomb so much, Alex suggested I take the rest of it back to our rental to enjoy. Yes, thank you, I will!

As I savored the raw honeycomb every day during our stay, I discovered one drawback. It is so sticky! Sticky container, sticky hands, sticky counter. Everything in contact with that delicious honeycomb got sticky. I had a decision to make. Was the stickiness worth it?

Moral of the story. What sticky situations do you find yourself in that you need to decide whether to give up or stick it out? If the benefit outweighs the drawback, it’s best to stick with it. I did. In fact, I bought more raw honeycomb when I got home!


  1. Thoughts from Others

Small Kindnesses

By Danusha Laméris

I’ve been thinking about the way, when you walk
down a crowded aisle, people pull in their legs
to let you by. Or how strangers still say “bless you”
when someone sneezes, a leftover
from the Bubonic plague. “Don’t die,” we are saying.
And sometimes, when you spill lemons
from your grocery bag, someone else will help you
pick them up. Mostly, we don’t want to harm each other.
We want to be handed our cup of coffee hot,
and to say thank you to the person handing it. To smile
at them and for them to smile back. For the waitress
to call us honey when she sets down the bowl of clam chowder,
and for the driver in the red pick-up truck to let us pass.
We have so little of each other, now. So far
from tribe and fire. Only these brief moments of exchange.
What if they are the true dwelling of the holy, these
fleeting temples we make together when we say, “Here,
have my seat,” “Go ahead — you first,” “I like your hat.”

Danusha Laméris is poet laureate of Santa Cruz County, Calif. Her latest book of poetry, Bonfire Opera, was published in March 2020 by the University of Pittsburgh Press.


  1. Josmo’s Café

What better way to please a backyard barbeque crowd than having a super great dessert? Bundt cakes are easy to make and serve many people. My cousin Kathy, a great cook and baker, made us a yummy and super sweet Heath Bar Bundt Cake. LINK Another one of my favorite cakes is the previously featured Key Lime Bundt Cake. John and I wish you a summer of delicious treats and happy gatherings!

Please see dozens of our recipes on the Josmo’s Café page on the website.


  1. Stay Energized

Our Energizer Minute for June is Discomfort before improvement.

I can always count on my good friend John DiBiasi to know the most offbeat stuff. We were talking about the crazy housing bubble during the past two years and that the bubble has recently burst in my area. John asked if I knew the history of what we refer to as a bubble. I did not. Sure enough, John relayed information about the first recorded socio-economic bubble called tulip mania when asset prices deviated from inherent values. It occurred during the Dutch Golden age in the 17th century when tulip bulbs sold for more than 10 times the annual income of a skilled artisan.

Read more about tulip mania and you can impress your friends with newfound knowledge!


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