June 2019

June 2019

Strategies for Success Newsletter June 2019 Issue 162


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In this June 2019 issue:

  1. Thoughts from the Office
  2. Thoughts from Home
  3. Josmo’s Cafe
  4. Stay Energized
  5. Emily Live


  1. Thoughts from the Office

The words you use

“There’s a problem with transferring your money.”  Those were the first words the Charles Schwab representative said to me after identifying himself when I answered the phone. Two key words struck me – problem and money. Not a good start to a conversation between advisor and client.

I’m consolidating my retirement accounts. I completed the online documents required. “Problem?” I ask tentatively. “Well, not really a problem,” the young man said. “We just want to clarify your intent in section number two before proceeding.”  I clarified my intent on a recorded line, and all was good to go.

Was there a problem? No. Could the representative have used better language to achieve his goal and not rattle the client? Yes. The young man could have said, “I’m reviewing the online documents you completed. We have a question on section two. Do you have a minute to review this with me?

We need to be mindful of our words. The word “problem” raises a red flag. Instead, use words such as review, clarify, or help me understand. Framing our language positively helps have pleasant and productive conversations while achieving desired outcomes.


  1. Thoughts from Home

Languages of Love

June calendars are filled with weddings and anniversaries making it the second most popular month to celebrate love. Dr. Gary Chapman, a marriage counselor, wrote about the 5 Love Languages over 25 years ago. The brilliant concepts in the original book for couples have been expanded to relationship guidance for military families, teens, children, men, and singles.

The 5 Love Languages are these: words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch. Each of us has at least one language that we prefer above another. Identifying what our love language is and being receptive and responsive to the love languages of those we have personal relationships with strengthens our bonds. The 5 Love Language website is filled with great resources including quizzes, podcasts, books, and classes.

Cheers to healthy and strong relationships!


  1. Josmo’s Café

I had a can of artichokes ready to expire and chicken breasts in the freezer. What could I make?  I found an Artichoke Chicken recipe on my go-to source  www.allrecipes.com. It was easy and delicious!

Check out other Josmo’s Cafe recipes on our website.


Expanded Offerings

If you’ve noticed that my business travel schedule has slowed down over the past year, it (happily) has! My phone consulting and coaching practice continues to expand to serve my clients on a more frequent and personal basis.

Here are recent examples of ways I’ve assisted my clients remotely to advance organizational change, professional development, and bottom-line profit:

  • Create and clarify strategic growth plans and execution strategy
  • Staff assessments to identify roadblocks, challenges, and development opportunities
  • Manager development and coaching
  • Update position responsibilities and job descriptions
  • Improve hiring practices
  • Revise reporting structure to optimize talent and efficiencies

Owners and managers, if you are seeking experienced guidance to fast-forward your organization’s goals, please e-mail me to set a phone call time to discuss.


  1. Stay Energized

Our Energizer Minute podcast for the month of June is Raise the shelf.

Follow me on Twitter @EmilyHuling to read my weekday Energizer Moments.


  1. Emily Live
  • Private Client – Madison, WI – Beyond the Application – June 11-13, 2019
  • Agency Management CIC – Strategic Planning and Talent Acquisition – Meriden, CT – June 26, 2019


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