Zero Budget and Low Budget Marketing Ideas

Zero Budget and Low Budget Marketing Ideas

By Emily Huling, CIC, CMC

A collection of results-producing ideas in no particular order. Hope you find a new nugget you can use!

  1. Be visible on social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube
  2. Post valuable, relevant, and fun information frequently
  3. Invest in quality staff pictures for your website and social media use
  4. Publish articles in local paper, trade and community business publications
  5. Send articles to your clients
  6. Be interviewed by broadcast media
  7. Speak to groups – Rotary, Chamber, etc.
  8. Be a Chamber Ambassador
  9. Volunteer and get involved in local business and trade associations
  10. Participate in trade shows
  11. Raffle a gift at a community event or trade show
  12. Attend trade shows
  13. Place brochures at Chamber office
  14. Place brochures in realtor relocation packages
  15. Join a leads group or networking club
  16. Make a donation to a charity in the name of a client
  17. Use clients in your advertising
  18. Provide business cards to all associates to promote confidence and pride
  19. Use press releases as often a possible
  20. Award a client with;¬†Client of the Year’ designation – publicize it
  21. Use voice mail message to publicize new products; message on hold
  22. Call/visit prospects and clients when “in the neighborhood”
  23. Use note cards and thank you cards religiously
  24. Use new product stuffers in all your mailings
  25. Have dynamite business cards for all staff and use them
  26. Send birthday cards
  27. Send articles from business or trade magazines that are of interest to your customers
  28. Send claim follow up report cards 30 days after claim reported
  29. Use client satisfaction surveys
  30. Use lost account surveys
  31. Send newsletters – either purchased or created within the office
  32. Stay abreast of life changes; marriage, divorce, children, retirement, inheritance, college children; to review and recommend.
  33. Send “How are you getting along without us?” letters to business that you want to regain
  34. Contact lost business to survey why account moved and what can be done to regain their business
  35. Use Personal Lines and Commercial Lines exposure update questionnaires
  36. Offer a free gift (road atlas or advertising specialty item) to those who come in or reply to questionnaires
  37. Market within your office – name plates, offer food and beverage, have a central meeting area for walk-ins
  38. Create a logo or tag line that is image building
  39. Use testimonials – letters, videos
  40. Partner with a video/CD firm, appraisers to share referrals
  41. Send small gifts to referring customers and circle of influence people
  42. Create a “magnet program” to obtain new personal lines leads and serve existing customers
  43. Use e-mail and website wisely to market new products
  44. Create a client advisory boards for input from clients
  45. Have lunch once a week with a circle of influence person (banker, realtor, accountant, attorney, mortgage broker)
  46. Implement a “coverage of the month” program
  47. Create an insurance information relocation brochure for realtors and new community residents
  48. Have a “drive by sighting” contest for employees to generate leads
  49. Follow up with non-agency claimants after claim settlement
  50. Market to those you send certificate of insurance to for your insureds
  51. Offer a free lunch fishbowl drawing weekly at local restaurant
  52. Include “quick quote fax back fact sheets” in with direct mail
  53. Always include postage-paid envelopes with surveys and questionnaires
  54. Once a new producer account is written, have the CSR call to introduce herself, and follow up with note card with business card enclosed
  55. Always use e-mail signatures
  56. Be on a Board of Directors
  57. Teach a class
  58. Volunteer for Junior Achievement
  59. Write letters to the editors; be a guest columnist in the local paper
  60. Sponsor an “Athlete of the Month” or “Student of the Month” in your community
  61. Meet with newly-licensed drivers and their parents to establish a Youthful Operator Driving Agreement.
  62. Offer Commercial clients complimentary Personal Lines reviews for their employees during a lunch and learn
  63. Offer high school Driver’s Education programs a presentation on insurance facts and responsibilities and review the Youthful Operator Family Driving agreement

Updated 2016

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