What Makes a Sales Superstar?

What Makes a Sales Superstar?

It’s always a pleasure to observe sales success in action. Although every accomplished salesperson has his or her individual personality and style, there are common qualities all possess.

Sales superstars believe in themselves. Failure does not exist. Instead, the superstar says, “I made a mistake, what did I learn?” “How can I use my new knowledge to go on and succeed?” Thomas Edison believed in himself. After nearly 10,000 futile attempts to invent the light bulb, Mr. Edison was asked, “How can you go on after you have failed thousands of times?” “My good man,” Mr. Edison replied, “I have simply found 10,000 ways the light bulb will not work.”

Sales superstars are fearless. Being rejected is no fun. What differentiates the sales superstar is the ability to move through the fear of possible rejection by asking, “What’s the worst thing that will happen?” “What’s the best thing that will happen?” “What probably will happen?” Think back to the last sales call you resisted and yet completed. How did you feel? Just this week, I moved through the sales call fear, reached the decision maker on the first attempt (unbelievable!), and was hired for the engagement as if he were waiting for my call. To think I was actually considering not making the call!

Sales superstars make decisions. What product will best satisfy your client? What strategy will solidify the client relationship and gain the outcome your client expects? What pricing strategy will meet the financial considerations of the buyer? Identify the pros and cons in a given situation, make a sound choice, and move forward with your sales strategy.

Sales superstars always put the client first. The true test of a star salesperson is the ability to focus on what’s in the client’s best interest. Many sales organizations have sales contests and promotions. Closing an order on a certain date or using a specific vendor may mean rewards for the salesperson. But is it the right decision for the client? When a salesperson focuses only on what’s in the client’s best interest, that’s good business practice – increased sales follow.

Sales superstars have positive attitudes. We all have negative thoughts. The key word is thoughts – not reality. The superstar continually eliminates negative thoughts by introducing positive ones. Supportive thoughts come from coworkers, friends and family, motivational authors and speakers. Review your client list or recent successes to reaffirm your accomplishments. Surround yourself with positive information at all times.

How many of these qualities describe you? If you want to increase your sales success, work on developing these traits and you’ll see significant results.

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