Newly Licensed Driver Family Agreement

Newly Licensed Driver Family Agreement

This agreement is between family members, granting permission for the son or daughter whose signature appears below, to drive the family automobile. These conditions must be upheld for the youthful driver to gain permission to use the family vehicle.

I, _____________________________, being a newly licensed driver, do hereby agree with my parent ___________________________________, that these are the conditions that must be abided by in order to drive the family vehicle. When driving, I will:

  1. Use the utmost care in my driving, as I realize that my parents may be legally responsible for my acts.
  2. Remember at all times that a car is not plaything, but a machine that has the power to injure or kill.
  3. Drive within the speed limit at all times, and never try to impress my friends with show-off driving.
  4. Never allow the car to be driven by anyone, including myself, who has been drinking or taking drugs.
  5. Never drag race or race with other cars, regardless of how much I may be tempted to do so.
  6. Never attempt to drive when I’m sleepy.
  7. Obey all signs, street and highway markings, signal lights and other traffic regulations.
  8. Use my seat belt at all times and be certain all my passengers do as well. Keep vehicle doors locked.
  9. Never permit others to drive the car except in an emergency or absolute necessity.
  10. Never drive distracted. This includes but is not limited to: Talking on a cell phone, texting, reading, looking for music on the radio, CD, or iPod, watching a movie, or doing anything that would prevent your full attention to the road.

I understand and agree that if I violate these conditions, I may lose the privilege of driving. In addition, I understand that if an accident or violation occurs through carelessness or negligence on my part, the violation will become a part of my driving record and consequently affect my family’s automobile insurance rates.

______________________________ ______________________________

Parent/Date Newly licensed driver/Date




Adapted from Family Agreement distributed by the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers.
Updated 2016
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