May 2014

May 2014

Strategies for Success Newsletter May 2014 Issue 101


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In this May 2014 issue:

Thoughts from home
Josmo’s Café
Thoughts from the road
Stay energized
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1. Thoughts from home

What’s important to a customer?

After years of use, the seats on our neighbor Rick’s pontoon boat needed to be reupholstered. In the Lake Norman area, there are dozens of businesses that service boats and three of them are within a few miles of where we live. Over dinner at Josmo’s Cafe, Rick told us about his customer service experiences visiting three local boat shops.

Rick’s first stop was to a high-end full service boat dealership and service operation. He went in the door marked “Service” and stated his needs. Rick said the man didn’t even get up, just sat behind his desk. Rick left.

The second stop was at a service marina where Rick was told he had to bring his boat over to get an estimate. Rick could do that by boat, but asked the service man if he could just stop by his house and see the boat one day when he was out for lunch. The marina is just a five-minute car ride away. “No,” the man said, “that’s our policy. Bring the boat over.” Rick left.

Rick’s third stop was at a weather-beaten storage and service marina. Rick said some of the boats in the yard must have been there for decades. Rick walked in. The old man behind the battered desk smiled and said “Have a seat. What can I do for you?” Rick explained that his pontoon boat seats needed to be reupholstered. Through a series of focused and knowledge-based questions about the boat seats, condition of the deck (good), and how the motor runs (fine), the man said to Rick, “May I offer another option?”

It turned out the best and least expensive fix is simply to replace the seats, not reupholster them. The man was more than happy to help Rick get that done.

Moral of the story: Impressive stores or inflexible policies are not what customers want. It’s caring, asking relevant questions, and providing expertise that earn business and build business longevity.


2014 Insurance Business Trends – My Take – Thanks for all of your positive feedback on my industry perspective mailing!


2. Josmo’s Café

I love orange and chocolate! A big thank you to my client Sarah Kueffer, co-owner of Integrity Insurance in Lawrence, KS, for sharing this yummy Mandarin Orange Chocolate Pie recipe with me!

Josmo’s Cafe is celebrating its 10th anniversary! Learn the history and try the famous Josmo’s Cosmo cocktail posted on the Josmo’s Café webpage. If you’re having trouble finding Ocean Spray white cranberry juice at your local store, which is what makes this cosmopolitan so yummy, we get our supply from My Brands.


3. Thoughts from the road

How to use a paper towel

In the February 2011 newsletter, I ran a story about a four-year-old girl wasting paper towels in the Baltimore airport ladies restroom. I stopped her from taking an excessive number of towels and luckily didn’t get bashed by her mother.

I just came across this short, informative, and humorous TED talk by Joe Smith of Oregon from March 2012 called How to Use a Paper Towel. It’s 4.5 minutes long and has had over 2,000,000 views! Please watch it and pass it along.


What do you do to show respect for our environment?


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4. Stay Energized!

May Energizer Minute – Enough is Enough Get supercharged with Energizer Minutes – one-to-two minute audio stories told by yours truly to energize, invigorate, and inspire!

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5. Emily Live

Let me know if you want to connect when I’m in your area!
Agency Management CIC – Denver, CO – May 7, 2014
Professional Insurance Agents of Indiana Annual Conference – Indianapolis, IN – Strengthening Agent-Company Relationships and Deliver Service that Sells and Protects – May 8, 2014
Private Client – Great Service Sells – Appleton, WI – May 20-21, 2014
Private Client – Phoenix, AZ – May 31- June 4, 2014
International Association of Insurance Professionals Annual Convention – San Diego, CA – Great Service Sells – June 6, 2014
Private Client – How to Become the Agent of Choice – Madison, WI – August 6, 2014
NAPSLO Annual Convention – Atlanta, GA – September 15-17, 2014
NAMIC Annual Convention – National Resort, Oxon Hill, MD – Three Strategies to Earn Agents’ Business – September 21-23, 2014
Agency Management CIC – Louisville, KY – October 15-17, 2014

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