March 2017

March 2017

Strategies for Success Newsletter March 2017 Issue 135


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In this March 2017 issue:

  1. Thoughts from the Office
  2. Have you read…?
  3. Thoughts from Others
  4. Josmo’s Cafe
  5. Stay Energized
  6. Emily Live


  1. Thoughts from the Office

A real go-giver

It’s tempting to get caught up in the notion that sales success only comes from edging out the competition to close the deal and get a big paycheck. Not so. One of my favorite business books is the The Go-Giver  by Bob Burg and John David Mann. The parable tells the story of Joe, an ambitious go-getter, who learns Five Laws of Stratospheric Success that transform his perspective from getting to giving.

Principle #3 is the Law of Influence which states that your influence is determined by how frequently you place other people’s interests first. A client of mine, an independent agent, demonstrated this principle. It’s a story worth telling.

Rich was working hard on a new large account. He easily uncovered ways to provide better coverage, much needed loss control services, and improved service. The buyer wanted him to write the business. There was a catch. This was the bulk of the income of the current agent, a close friend of the buyer. The buyer just couldn’t bring himself to cause pain to his friend. Rich knew it was in the buyer’s best business interest to move the risk to a company that could properly insure it. Applying the Law of Influence, Rich offered to write the account foregoing any compensation for one year, arranging it so the current agent would get that commission. The buyer could give his friend a year to adjust to losing that income. I wasn’t surprised when I heard the story. I’m convinced Rich was the role model for the book since he consistently epitomizes each of the five principles. What a fine way to live life!


  1. Have you read….?

They Ask You Answer: A Revolutionary Approach to Inbound Sales, Content Marketing, and Today’s Digital Consumer is the most valuable business growth strategy book I’ve read in years. Using the foundation of telling his personal compelling story of how he saved his swimming pool company, Marcus Sheridan gives us a step-by-step blueprint on how to execute content marketing in any organization. He practices what he preaches in the book. He teaches us by answering questions he knows we will ask, he provides supporting data, client success stories, and addresses how to overcome implementation challenges. I read the book on my Kindle (an easy and fast read) and found I was highlighting something on every page.

I am excited that I will meet Marcus Sheridan and hear him speak in Milwaukee June 4-6, for Elevate 2017. This fast-paced, high-content live conference, hosted by Agency Nation, is dedicated to educating, entertaining, and inspiring insurance professionals to improve their customers’ experience through sales, marketing and technology. Please join us! Receive $200.00 off the registration fee by using “cybermonday” as the coupon code.


  1. Thoughts from Others

Leadership by James B. Miller, author, Best Boss, Worst Boss

 L Listening. Leaders listen with an open mind.

E Empower others. Leaders delegate and enable others to act.

A Ambition. Leaders have goals, imagination, vision, and ability.

D Desire. Leaders show enthusiasm, drive, and determination.

E Example. Leaders serve as a role model for honesty, common sense, and hard work.

R Respect. Leaders respect individuals and build self-esteem.

S Self-esteem. Leaders show poise and believe in themselves.

H Heart.  Leaders empathize and encourage.

I Initiative. Leaders have energy and make things happen.

P Patience. Leaders are slow to criticize, quick to praise.


  1. Josmo’s Cafe

Lemon and Herb-Roasted Chicken Thighs is our recipe of the month. If you love olives, lemon, and tender chicken like we do, this dish is for you. It is so easy and good. Enjoy!

Please visit our Josmo’s Cafe recipes list to find a wide variety of our favorite recipes. All dishes have been taste tested many, many times!

John has a new remote-controlled model boat! Combining talent, skill, and the patience of a saint, John has created another amazing model boat.  To view John’s slideshow of the building his PT 109 and video of him running it, click on these links Building the 109 and The PT109 in action.


2017 Event Speaking Topics

Looking for hot topics for your client, member, or employee meetings? Our most requested presentations are listed on our 2017 speaking topics web page.


  1. Stay Energized

Managers tell me they find lots of helpful ideas in our column 17 Terrific Management Tips. Visit the Business Building page on our website to read all eleven 17 Terrific Tips columns.

March Energizer Minute – Is there a better way to serve your customers? Get supercharged with Energizer Minutes – one-to-two-minute audio stories told by yours truly to energize, invigorate, and inspire!

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  1. Emily Live
  • NAPSLO Leadership Conference – Ft. Lauderdale, FL – March 6-8, 2017
  • NetVU Annual Conference – Leading with Certainty – Nashville, TN – March 23-25, 2017
  • Agency Management CIC – Austin, TX – April 5-6, 2017
  • AAMGA Annual Conference – Orlando, FL – May 21-23, 2017
  • Elevate 2017 – Agency Nation event – Leading with Certainty – Milwaukee, WI – June 4-6, 2017
  • Agency Management CIC – Knoxville, TN – August 16-18, 2017


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