March 2014

March 2014

Strategies for Success Newsletter March 2014 Issue 99


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In this March 2014 issue:

Thoughts from the office
Josmo’s Café
Have you read…
Stay energized
Emily Live


1. Thoughts from the office

A long-time client sent me his personal success story to share with you:

I just wrote a $450,000 healthcare operation. Short story on how it came to me. I was in the area and stopped by to wish good luck to my college roommate who had just started working for this company. Alex had been out of work for over 2 years after being let go from a hospital where he very successfully advanced their practices, but in a cost-cutting move, his job was eliminated. As I was leaving Alex’s office the CFO was walking by and Alex introduced me. The CFO thought it was really cool that I was there just to wish Alex good luck. By the way, he tells me, he thinks his agent is a complete fool. Two phone calls and three days later, I wrote the account for $73,000 less, improved coverage, and offered a great billing plan.

Moral of the story. I could have called or emailed Alex wishing him good luck. Instead, I took the time to see him face to face. Get out from behind your computer and smart phone and take someone to lunch or just stop by. You’ll make their day. You never know where your next big account is going to come from, but you do know who your friends and clients are. Make the time to get out to see them.


Selling is all about relationships. EH


2. Josmo’s Café

March Madness is here. Whether you’re a Tar Heel fan or not, we know you’ll like Tar Heel Pie. A note of caution on this desert. Serve small slices. It is sinfully rich!! Enjoy!

Josmo’s Cafe is celebrating its 10th anniversary! Learn the history and try the famous Josmo’s Cosmo cocktail posted on the Josmo’s Café webpage. Several readers have asked me where to find Ocean Spray white cranberry juice, which is what makes this cosmopolitan so yummy. My Brands is where we get our supply.

Want a 2.5 minute burst of laughter today? In the spirit of all the fun we have at Josmo’s Cafe, please watch this hilarious video of Mariele, a sophisticated French restaurant guest with impeccable manners.


3. Have you read…

Necessary Endings by Henry Cloud

One of the reasons my clients hire me to advise them, although it’s rarely acknowledged up front, is to assist in removing staff who are not positively contributing to the business. People need to leave employment for a variety of reasons. The most are: a hire that should never have been made in the first place; a person no longer suited for the responsibilities now required; or a person who doesn’t want to be there anymore and is performing in such a way to be terminated. The longer that owners and leaders allow any of these situations to continue, the more damage there is to other employees and the business itself.

The pearls of wisdom in Necessary Endings reach far beyond the business world. Henry Cloud, a clinical psychologist and leadership consultant, addresses why endings are natural, should be embraced, and the good that comes to both parties when one person has the courage to act on what needs to be done.

This book is a must read for anyone who wants their business environment to be a place to thrive.


Advance Your Bottom Line in 2014

We had a great turnout for my February complimentary webinar Clients are Forever – 5 Carats that Dazzle and Retain Buyers sponsored by AgenciesOnline. A total of 375 registrations, half on the broadcast and the rest listened On Demand. Participants took away many pearls of wisdom to strengthen client relationships. If you missed it, I have a secret link to access the program for a few more weeks. Get in touch and I’ll send it to you.

Whether you attended or not, you are welcome to take advantage of the 2014 Webinar Learning Materials Special Offer. This affordable bundle package of audios and books to build management, sales, and service skills is only $199.00 (40% savings). The learning package includes:

1. Great Service Sells: How Great CSRs Turn Service into Sales (book and audio)
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3. Be a Better Producer: 10 Strategies to Earn More Money (audio CD)
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5. Two Hours to a Winning Sales Plan (audio CD and online materials)

All orders include a complimentary copy of the 2013 Energizer Minute Collection with the bonus track – 27 Tips to Be a Great Co-worker.


5. Stay Energized!

March Energizer Minute – Be Pleased with Yourself Get supercharged with Energizer Minutes – one-to-two minute audio stories told by yours truly to energize, invigorate, and inspire!

Follow me on Twitter @EmilyHuling to read my weekday Energizer Moments.

Receive your complimentary copy of the priceless 2013 Energizer Minute Collection plus 27 Tips to Be a Great Co-worker with all learning material orders.


Attention Agency Owners…

Have you ever had these thoughts? Are ready to do something about it?

I’m working too hard for so little return.
Do I have the right people in the right positions?
There are opportunities out there, but I just don’t know where to start.
What can we do to strengthen carrier and wholesaler relationships?
I’m sure our organizational structure and processes could be more efficient.

If you’re seeking a trusted advisor to help your agency reach its full potential, read more about our Agency Development Consulting Services.

To discuss how we can help, please contact me for a complimentary 30 minute conversation. Call 888-309-8802 or


6. Emily Live

Let me know if you want to connect when I’m in your area!
NAPSLO Mid-Year Conference – Scottsdale, AZ – March 5-7, 2014
Private Client – Scottsdale, AZ – March 5, 2014 – Excellence in Action
Private Client – Blue Ridge, GA – March 18-20, 2014
Louisiana Surplus Lines Association Annual Meeting –Developing Top Performers: How to Engage, Mentor, and Mobilize Employees – Biloxi, MS – April 2-3, 2014
Professional Insurance Agents of Indiana Annual Conference – Indianapolis, IN – Strengthening Agent-Company Relationships and Deliver Service that Sells and Protects – May 7-8, 2014
Private Client – Great Service Sells – Appleton, WI – May 20-21, 2014
Private Client – Phoenix, AZ – June 2-4, 2014
International Association of Insurance Professionals Annual Convention – San Diego, CA – June 5-6, 2014
NAPSLO Annual Convention – Atlanta, GA – September 15-17, 2014
NAMIC Annual Convention – National Resort, Oxon Hill, MD – September 21-23, 2014
Agency Management CIC – Louisville, KY – October 15-17, 2014

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