March 2010

March 2010

Strategies for Success Newsletter March 2010 Issue 51


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In this March 2010 issue:

Thoughts from road
Thoughts from home
Did you know…?
On the road in 2010


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1. Thoughts from the road

I was waiting in line at an airport coffee kiosk. I finished drooling over the pastry selection and I looked behind me. Standing confidently were two very little people, a boy and a girl. They were all alone. The little girl was holding a ten dollar bill. They were so small they barely reached the counter. I looked for their parents, but no one else was with them. Then I looked around. Standing about 20 feet away were a mother and father, eyes glued to the children, faces smiling.

After I ordered my coffee (yes, only coffee), the server, who didn’t see the children, asked the next adult in line for his order. “Wait,” I said. “Don’t forget these customers.” The children self-assuredly placed their order, handed the server their money and got change. I stole a look at their parents who were nodding and giving them the thumbs up. The children beamed as their parents approached to help them carry their food.

I thought of all the times that I’ve done things for others, children and adults, that I should have let them do themselves to boost their confidence and build trust. How about you?


Encourage others’ potential through kind words and supportive actions. EH


2. Thoughts from home

What our bodies tell us

I woke up and my jaw really hurt. I thought I slept wrong or had been grinding my teeth, which I don’t normally do. By 10:00, I was really hurting. What was an ache, turned into a throb. “I have a toothache!” I announced to no one since I was traveling alone.

By the time I got home and in to see my dentist, I was really in pain. A root canal and antibiotics were prescribed to put me out of my misery. I welcomed both.

I couldn’t imagine how I got an abscessed tooth. Then it hit me like a bolt. For the past few months, I had been obsessing about my new book. I was stressing big time to meet my high standards and now that I look back, some unrealistic expectations. I had created an “emotional obsession” that literally manifested into a tooth abscess. Abscess caused by obsess.

Moral to the story: Next time ideas in your mind get out of control, remember the powerful mind-body connection. Take steps to lower emotional stress and avoid physical issues. Figure out what works for you.


The Energizer Minute

This month, in honor of spring, tune in to hear Lighten Your Load of both material and emotional stuff. Go to the home page and click on the Energizer Minute.


3. Did you know…?

Solution to stinky and sticky

My husband is going to be embarrassed again. But when something has been irritating a person his whole life and an amazing remedy is found, I can’t help but think someone else may be able to benefit from this knowledge.

John is allergic to traditional underarm deodorant. He’s tried countless traditional products and homeopathic remedies, but nothing has been able to eliminate the rash and itching that he experiences – until now!

Joe and Terry Graedon, the hosts and authors of People’s Pharmacy, recommend applying milk of magnesia with a cotton ball instead of deodorant when a person can’t tolerate aluminum-based antiperspirants. John was skeptical, but it worked!

Please let me know if this information helps you or someone you know so John knows his embarrassment was worth it!


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On the road

Early 2010 business travel is taking to me these places. Please give me a call if you’d like to connect when I’m in your area.

NAPSLO Mid-Year Conference, Scottsdale, AZ March 3-6, 2010 (attending)
Independent Agents and Brokers of SC spring conference, Columbia, SC March 17, 2010
Agency Management CIC, Louisville, KY March 18-19, 2010
AMS Users’ Group Annual Conference, Nashville, TN March 25-27, 2010
Consulting engagement in Charlotte, NC – private client – April 7-8, 2010
Speaking engagement in Des Moines, IA – private client – April 11-13, 2010
Speaking engagement in Appleton, WI – private client – April 14, 2010
Agency Management CIC, Edison, NJ May 14, 2010
Consulting engagement in Charlotte, NC – private client – May 18-19, 2010


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