June 2013

June 2013

Strategies for Success Newsletter June 2013 Issue 90


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In this June 2013 issue:

Check it out
Thoughts from others
Josmo’s Café
Did you know…
Stay Energized!
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1. Check it out
Doing errands on a rainy May Saturday afternoon, I was lucky enough to catch the TED Talks Radio Hour on Unstoppable Learning. The program featured several innovative and passionate TED Talk educators including the 2013 TED Prize Winner, Sugata Mitra, for his talk School in the Cloud. Take a break and be inspired. Listen and be fascinated about his SOLE – Self Organized Learning Environment concept. Tune in to past TED Prize Winners to be even more inspired!


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2. Thoughts from others
Separating personal troubles from work

On May 20, 2013, USA Today published an interview with Chris Gardner, the man whose life story is the basis for the Will Smith movie The Pursuit of Happyness. Last year, Chris lost the love of his life, his wife Holly, to brain cancer. This life-changing event was a turning point and motivated Chris to start his own business Chris Gardner Media. He now spends 200 days a year on the road doing motivational speaking. Here’s one excerpt from the interview that I thought would be of interest.

USA Today interviewer: When employees have troubles at home, how open should they be with their bosses or co-workers?
Chris Gardner: I’ve had that experience, (and) I don’t want to know all that. I want to know you’re coming in here, and you’re gonna work. But your personal life, I don’t want to know. When I was homeless and living on the street with my baby on my back, I went to work every day, and nobody knew it. They didn’t need to know. All they need to know is, this guy comes in and lights it up every day.

Clients, coworkers, and employees all benefit when people leave personal issues at the door.

3. Josmo’s Café

Our featured recipe for June is delicious Corn on the Cob done quickly (no husking) and easily (microwave) and NO corn silk on it!! Watch this hilarious two-minute video instruction to learn how!

Last month we featured Baked Vidalia onions. I heard from Richard Martin from Vidalia, GA, who shared a variation of that recipe. Instead of butter and allspice, use about two tablespoons Kahlua with a dash of black pepper. Yummy! Thank you, Richard. No-doubt a Vidalia onion expert!

To learn the history of Josmo’s Café and access more café recipes, visit Josmo’s Café!


4. Did you know – insurance industry news

I attended the American Association of Managing General Agents (AAMGA) Annual Convention in New Orleans last month. What a super event! We were inspired by keynote speakers Colin Powell and Archie Manning, conducted productive business meetings, and attended first-rate social events. There is big news to report from the meeting.

After examining the changing demographics within the wholesale insurance space, the board has voted to expand its membership to include all insurance entities operating on a wholesale basis. Read more to learn the background, the upcoming membership voting process, and proposed name change.

I take every opportunity I can to get the word out about WAHVE, Work At Home Vintage Employees. Sharon Emek and Bill Hunt attend most of the same industry events as I do, so we see each other frequently. Sharon and I are both speakers on the program at the IAIP convention June 5-7 in Orlando. Employers, if you are in need of experienced, professional, knowledge workers, get in touch with Bill Hunt. If you’re a seasoned insurance professional looking for a way to continue serving the industry, get on the website to learn how to become a WAHVE!


5. Stay Energized!

June Energizer Minute – The Five-Second Rule. Get supercharged with Energizer Minutes – one to two minute audio stories told by yours truly to energize, invigorate, and inspire!

Follow me on Twitter @EmilyHuling to read my weekday Energizer Moments.

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5. Emily Live

Please get in touch if you want to connect when I’m in your area or if you’re interested in a similar program for your organization.

International Association of Insurance Professionals (IAIP) Annual Convention – Take Charge of Your Career and Time Tactics: Accomplish More, Stress Less – Orlando, FL – June 5-7, 2013
Agency Management CIC – Shreveport, LA – June 26-27, 2013
Agency Management CIC – Kansas City, MO – July 18, 2013
Private client – Great Service Sells – Appleton, WI – September 18, 2013
NAMIC Annual Convention – Seattle, WA – September 22-25, 2013
NAPSLO Annual Convention – San Diego, CA – September 29 – October 2, 2013
Professional Independent Insurance Agents of Colorado Annual Convention – Deliver Service That Sells and Protects and Kick Your “But” – Denver, CO – October 2-3, 2013
Independent Insurance Agents of Kentucky Annual Convention – Louisville, KY – A Marketing Plan: Your Roadmap to Success – November 8, 2013


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