January 2019

January 2019

Strategies for Success Newsletter January 2019 Issue 157


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In this January 2019 issue:

  1. Thoughts from Home
  2. Thoughts from the Office
  3. Josmo’s Cafe
  4. Stay Energized
  5. Emily Live


  1. Thoughts from Home

Protecting your personal data

When Equifax had its major security breach in September 2017, I knew it was finally time to take serious action to protect our personal information. I followed the Consumer Reports guidelines to protect us against identity theft by putting freezes on our credit reports.

I’m happy to report that it works!

Here’s how I found out. In November, I applied online for a new American Airlines credit card that offers superior frequent flyer benefits than my existing card. “Conditionally approved and in process” was the automatic message I immediately received after completing the application. I have an excellent credit history and expected no problems.

Seven days later I hadn’t heard from the bank, so I called. I was immediately transferred to a live person. I was informed the bank was unable to run a credit report since I had frozen the ability to do that. A letter would be coming in the mail. The courteous and professional service representative gave me the number to call to lift the hold for only the time it would take them to verify my credit history. She further instructed me to call back about ten minutes after I lifted the hold to learn if my new credit card was approved.

I did as she instructed. When I called back and spoke with another service person, the approval was instantaneous. As I was doing that, I received a text message from Equifax alerting me that someone had lifted the freeze on my credit report and to call immediately if I hadn’t authorized it. 24-hours later I received another text message alerting me that my credit freeze was reactivated just as I had scheduled. Impressive!

We all know stories of people (I hope you are not one of them) who have had their identity stolen and the nightmare that follows. Please act now to protect your data. Another tip. Consider becoming a member of Consumer Reports to access their publications and many other consumer-advocate resources. Their slogan which John and I have found to be true is “We’re not loyal to brands, we’re loyal to you.”


  1. Thoughts from the Office

Share prosperity

When I started Selling Strategies, Ambassador Selling Techniques was one of my first presentations. Not much of a catchy title, but when I recently reviewed the program, I found the material as relevant as it was twenty-five years ago. One of the four ambassador selling strategies is to share prosperity. I spoke of six ways to do that.

  1. Refer business to your clients.
  2. Refer quality employees to your clients.
  3. Introduce clients and colleagues to each other to strengthen the relationship and broaden everyone’s circle of influence.
  4. Refer prospects and clients to your competition when they are not a fit for you.
  5. Feature clients in your advertising. It provides value for you and your client.
  6. Establish a Client Advisory Board to solicit feedback on your business and provide a forum for all to exchange business-building ideas.

What strategy – or two – will you apply this year to further the contribution you make to others’ success?


  1. Josmo’s Café

It’s not like I needed another kitchen appliance, but I just had to have the new craze of my friends, the Instant Pot.  I love it! The feature I like best is being able to sauté in the pot avoiding the hassle and mess of browning in a pan before using either the crock pot or pressure cooker settings. Instant Pot Beef Stew is the first recipe I tried in my Instant Pot. It is delicious!

Check out other Josmo’s Cafe recipes on our website. We have lots of yummy dishes for football playoff month. One of the most popular party recipes I’ll be making again is Chicken and Broccoli Braid.


  1. Stay Energized

Our Energizer Minute podcast for January is If situations can’t change, we can.

The Power of Moments by Chip Heath and Dan Heath update. I wrote about this extraordinary book in September. If you were as enthralled as I, you’ll be happy to learn that in the Heath brothers recent newsletter they feature a 29-page peak moment collection from feedback and stories from readers who have created peak moments. Be prepared to be wowed and energized!

Follow me on Twitter @EmilyHuling to read my weekday Energizer Moments.


  1. Emily Live
  • Private Client – Minneapolis, MN – Revving up Revenues – January 22-23, 2019
  • Agency Management CIC – Richmond, VA – January 30, 2019
  • Private Client – Phoenix, AZ – February 11-15, 2019
  • WSIA Underwriting Summit – National Harbor, MD – February 24-27, 2019
  • Agency Management CIC – Louisville, KY – March 6, 2019
  • Private Client – Fargo, ND – Elevate Your Game – March 19-20, 2019
  • Private Client – Minneapolis, MN – SOAR for the Future – May 6-9, 2019
  • Agency Management CIC – Central CT – June 26, 2019


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