January 2015

January 2015

Strategies for Success Newsletter January 2015 Issue 109


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Happy New Year!!

In this January 2015 issue:

Thoughts from others
Josmo’s Cafe
Thoughts from home
Stay energized
Emily Live


Thoughts from others

Aim So High You’ll Never Be Bored

The greatest waste of our natural resources is the number of people who never achieve their potential.

Get out of that slow lane. Shift into that fast lane.

If you think you can’t, you won’t. If you think you can, there’s a good chance you will.

Even making the effort will make you feel like a new person.

Reputations are made by searching for things that can’t be done and doing them.

Aim low: boring.

Aim high: soaring.

In the 1980’s, United Technologies ran inspirational messages on the back page of The Wall Street Journal. I’ve had this one posted in my office all these years.

John and I wish you a year of aiming high and soaring!


Josmo’s Cafe

Winter is the season to enjoy yummy roasted vegetables. My guide for roasting times and temperature is a Vegetable Roasting Guide from Good Housekeeping magazine. Our holiday guests at Josmo’s Cafe’s have voted Sensational Roasted Potatoes as their favorite. Enjoy!

Josmo’s Cafe, named in honor of John’s delicious Josmo’s Cosmo, is the name we use for our in-house entertaining. Many of our favorite recipes are posted on the Josmo’s Café webpage. We hope you’ll find one or two to try!


17 Terrific Tips to be Polished and Professional will be sent later this month. You’ll find the four previously published 17 Terrific Tips on the Free Stuff page of the website. Feel free to use the material in your internal and external publications.


Thoughts from home
Marriage words of wisdom

Themed bridal showers are not new. I’ve been to kitchen, recipe, garden, bath, and lingerie showers. When I received the invitation to my nephew Michael’s fiancée’s shower, I was pleasantly surprised by the hostess’s novel idea.

All the woman in Lucy’s life are to bring words of wisdom for her as she transitions into marriage. Katie described the ritual that will take place. Lucy will sit in the center of a circle surrounded by all of us. Each woman will light a votive candle, hold it, and read to Lucy (in order of her years of wisdom) her advice, wish, or wisdom for Lucy in her marriage. We will then place the candle on the floor so that all the candles surround Lucy. When our thoughts are concluded, Lucy will light a candle and speak to us.

My Recipe for a Happy Marriage came easily for me since I thought about all the things John and I do to have the fun, loving, supportive marriage we’ve had for 14 years.

Always greet your spouse with a huge hug, smile, and kiss.
Set your alarm clocks 10 minutes earlier than you need to. Spend those 10 minutes spooning and encouraging each other for the day ahead.
Always have your spouse’s back. Never speak ill of your spouse to others.
Be patient and understanding with each other’s family. Be sensitive to a history you did not have and may not understand.
Always talk it out. Never leave a conversation or go to bed angry, hurt, or resentful.
Find the humor in life and your journey together. Laugh a lot.
Celebrate special occasions with pizzazz and make great memories.
Have a date night every week. Take turns choosing the activity and give each other 100% undivided attention.
When feeling annoyed with your spouse, it’s probably you that’s having a bad day, not your spouse doing anything different.
Treat your spouse how you would like to be treated. Kind, thoughtful, and loving.
I was thrilled when I read the list to John and he quickly agreed that we do all these things. We never consciously made a list. Our behavior and habits have just evolved over the years.

What do you do in your marriage and family relationships that demonstrate your love and support?

Here’s a picture of the candles from Lucy’s Circle of Transition ritual. It was a beautiful and heartfelt ceremony!


Meeting planners – 2015 Convention and Meeting Topics and Descriptions provide program ideas to make your event a bigger success! These relevant, thought-provoking topics offer how-to strategies for participants to apply back at the office. Newly written programs are:

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Stay Energized!

January Energizer Minute – What’s your picture? Get supercharged with Energizer Minutes – one-to-two minute audio stories told by yours truly to energize, invigorate, and inspire!

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Emily Live
· Private Client – consulting – Phoenix, AZ – January 12-14, 2015
· Private Client – Revving Up Revenues workshops and consulting – Oklahoma City, OK – January 20-22, 2015
· Agency Management CIC – Overland Park, KS – February 19, 2015
· NAPSLO Mid-Year Conference – Miami, FL – February 23-25, 2015
· NAMIC Commercial Lines Underwriting Conference – Putting Customers First While Maintaining Profitability – Chicago, IL – March 4-5, 2015
· Private Client – consulting – Atlanta, GA – March 10-12, 2015
· NetVU Annual Conference – Modern-Day Management – Get Work Done and Develop People – Indianapolis, IN – March 26-28, 2015
· Agency Management CIC – Little Rock, AR – April 8-10, 2015
· Private Client – agency consulting and workshops – South Bend, IN – April 13-16, 2015


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