How are you getting along without us?

How are you getting along without us?

The primary reason former agency customers never return is that they are never asked!

Here’s a letter (US mail) to send three months after the business has been lost. By then your former customer will have a sense whether the change was right. At the specified time, reach out with a phone call and follow-up e-mail to personally connect. Be cheerful, friendly, and curious as to how things are going. Let them know that you look forward to doing business with them again!

Dear Client, (personalize it, of course!)

We miss you!

How are you getting along without us? Many who have placed their insurance coverage elsewhere for one reason or another, return to us. We’ve been told premiums are not as promised, coverages aren’t the same, and customer service falls short.

Previously we provided (lines of business) insurance coverage for you. We would appreciate the opportunity to do business with you again. Our goal is to provide you the most complete insurance protection for the most competitive premiums and give you outstanding service.

We’ll be contacting you (specific week or date) to see how we can do business together again.


Personalized signature and phone number


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