February 2017

February 2017

Strategies for Success Newsletter February 2017 Issue 134


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In this February 2017 issue:

  1. Thoughts from the Office
  2. Did you know….?
  3. Josmo’s Cafe
  4. Stay Energized
  5. Emily Live


  1. Thoughts from the Office

Consequences required

We are 28-year residents of a small (38 homes) HOA community. The restrictions are clear-cut and, compared to other communities, quite moderate. Building construction requires the approval of an architectural committee and needs to be completed within a year. Outbuildings need to be on a foundation. No movable storage sheds allowed. Recreational vehicles need to be stored in an enclosed garage. One thing our restrictions do not contain is a provision for consequences when owners do not comply. In the past couple of years, this has become an issue as homes have changed hands and new occupants ignore the restrictions.

We have three owners who refuse to comply. Violations letters have been sent. And sent. And sent. Not only is no compliance, there are no replies. For those of us who care about our community, we are incredulous. Why would someone buy a home in a community with parameters and not abide by them? There is an easy answer. No consequences.

Let’s shift gears to the workplace. When performance standards and expectations are not met, consequences are needed. Of course, warnings and improvement plans must be utilized to meet both ethical and legal guidelines, but intervention and ramifications are necessary. Without these, everyone suffers. Morale and performance of those who are meeting expectations diminish. Customers do not receive the care they deserve or expect. Managers have difficulty enforcing standards for others.

Moral of the story: To assure that a business functions by the protocol and standards set by owners and leaders, two things need to happen. First, expectations need to be clearly stated. Second, when the values and procedures are not adhered to, it is imperative that intervention and consequences be used to preserve a top-performing organization.


  1. Did you know….?

Chemotherapy patients may be able to avoid hair loss using cold caps — tightly fitting, strap-on hats filled with gel that’s chilled to between -15 to -40 degrees Fahrenheit. The cold temperature on the scalp narrows the blood vessels beneath the skin, reducing the amount of chemotherapy medicine that reaches the hair follicles. With less chemotherapy medicine in the follicles, the hair may be less likely to fall out.

Our close friend Lisa used cold caps during her treatments with great success. She said the work of changing caps every 20 minutes on treatment day (her family helped) and discomfort (Brrrr…) were well worth it. Learn more on the breastcancer.org site.

Did you know….?

Outlook has a conversation cleanup tool? A client brought this to my attention since I’ve always advocated updating subject lines to identify later messages on a thread. Instead, this easy-to-use feature allows the user to find all messages related to a specific sender, subject, or date and delete prior messages. Check out this how-to video to clean up your Outlook messages.


  1. Josmo’s Cafe

Nothing says “I love you” more than chocolate on Valentine’s Day! Impress your loved ones with this easy to make and easy to love Chocolate Chess Pie.  Enjoy!

Please visit our Josmo’s Cafe recipes list to find a wide variety of our favorite recipes. All dishes have been taste tested many, many times!


2017 Event Speaking Topics

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  1. Stay Energized

Celebrate National Kindness Week February 12-18. Kindness energizes. Kindness is contagious. Offer a good word, engage in a generous act, demonstrate heightened patience and understanding. Remember the old adage –  If you meet someone without a smile, give him yours.

17 Terrific Tips to Create Office Fun is the newest addition to our series. Visit the Business Building page on our website to read all eleven 17 Terrific Tips columns.

February Energizer Minute – Look Bigger Get supercharged with Energizer Minutes – one-to-two-minute audio stories told by yours truly to energize, invigorate, and inspire!

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  1. Emily Live
  • Private client – Working Together for Success – Fargo, ND – February 6-9, 2017
  • Private client – How to Become the Agent of Choice – Fargo, ND – February 10, 2017
  • NAPSLO Leadership Conference – Ft. Lauderdale, FL – March 6-8, 2017
  • NetVU Annual Conference – Leading with Certainty – Nashville, TN – March 23-25, 2017
  • Agency Management CIC – Austin, TX – April 5-6, 2017
  • AAMGA Annual Conference – Orlando, FL – May 21-23, 2017
  • Elevate 2017 – Agency Nation event – Leading with Certainty – Milwaukee, WI – June 4-6, 2017
  • Agency Management CIC – Knoxville, TN – August 16-18, 2017


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