February 2015

February 2015

Strategies for Success Newsletter February 2015 Issue 110


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In this February 2015 issue:

Thoughts from the office
Josmo’s Cafe
Thoughts from the road
Stay energized
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Thoughts from the office
Morning motivation

My paper subject files have been long ignored, so I set aside a day last month to reminisce, rediscover, and purge. Am I glad I did!

In my early years of building Selling Strategies, I attended dozens of sales and motivational programs to gain knowledge and inspiration. I learned from renowned experts Jeffrey Gitomer, Zig Ziglar, Harvey Mackay, and Tom Hopkins. I unearthed a 1996 picture of my friend sales guru Jeffrey Gitomer when he still had hair!

At the Tom Hopkins sales seminar I attended in 1995, participants received a unique gift which I used for many years and kept. It’s a laminated card designed to hang from a shower head. Tom’s Morning Mental Warm-Up© contains nine timeless positive affirmations.

· I will win. Why? I’ll tell you why — because I have faith, courage, and enthusiasm.
· Today, I’ll meet the right people in the right place at the right time for the betterment of all.
· I see opportunity in every challenge.
· I’m terrific at remembering names.
· When I fail, I look at what I did right, not at what I did wrong.
· I have clearly defined goals.
· I never take advice from anyone more messed up than I am.
· I never let a negative thought enter my head.
· I am a winner, a contributor, an achiever. I believe in me.
Why did I ever take these powerful thoughts out of my shower? Bet you can guess where they are right now!


Josmo’s Cafe

My friend Esty always finds the yummiest and easiest recipes that can serve a crowd! Over the holidays, Esty made our dinner group Oven Baked Fajitas. Another one of Esty’s terrific finds is Braised Mahimahi Puttanesca which we previously featured. Many readers wrote to tell me how much they loved that dish. Both of these recipes envelop the kitchen in tantalizing aromas! Enjoy!

Josmo’s Cafe, named in honor of John’s delicious Josmo’s Cosmo, is the name we use for our in-house entertaining. Many of our favorite recipes are posted on the Josmo’s Café webpage. We hope you’ll find one or two to try!


17 Terrific Tips to be Polished and Professional is the newest addition to the 17 Terrific Tips series. All published 17 Terrific Tips are found on the Free Stuff page of the website. I hope you find all the material useful in your organizations!


Service Selling Supercharge™ Weekly Audio Learning Begins March 3

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Service professionals will learn or reaffirm tips, techniques, and tools to deliver exceptional service to every client, every day. Perfect for independent learning, as pre-work for staff meetings, or listen together as a group.

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Annual subscription cost per office location is only $2.00 a week – $104.00 for the whole year.

I hope you’ll join me for a year’s worth of Service Selling Supercharge! 52 weeks of learning delivered to your office that will increase productivity and profit! Can you afford not to sign up?

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Thoughts from the road
Talking trash

Remember when recycling started decades ago? That little circular arrow mark with a number in it indicated what and how an empty container could be recycled. If we were interested in recycling our trash, we had to go to some effort to collect, sort, and drive to a recycling center.

Nowadays, our communities make recycling easy. At home, we have a separate container where we can put all recyclables together and simply put it curbside on designated pick-up days. Our collection service recently upgraded from a small bin to a large rolling can to make it even more convenient. In public spaces – streets, airports, malls, museums, and arenas – I see recycle bins right next to trash bins. They are easy to spot. Most are clearly marked RECYCLE HERE.

So why is it that some people don’t recycle when it’s so convenient to do so? After observing and talking trash habits with many people (you’re right, I must not have enough to do), here are my thoughts.

Most people just don’t pay attention. They see a trash bin, don’t read it, and put their empty plastic bottle or newspapers in it. On a positive note, they aren’t littering.

Some people don’t care.

A select few are using it as a political protest. A neighbor said to me, “The government isn’t going to tell me how to throw my trash away.”

Some people are lazy.

Some people and businesses don’t want to pay an additional fee if there is one.

Whatever the reason, if you or your business are not currently recycling, I have one request. Please recycle if and when possible. Research new options and fees because this industry is continually advancing.

An example of this is taking place at my hometown Charlotte Douglas International airport. The airport provides one bin for travelers for both trash and recyclables. The sign on the bin says “You Toss. We Sort.” Using a process called vermicomposting, each day at CLT, 300 pounds of worms in an 8,000 square foot bin munch away on almost a ton of traveler’s waste. Before they make it to the worm bin, compostable items that people go through during a typical day at the airport –food scraps, paper waste, bathroom towels, and plant trimmings – are collected and loaded into a 1,600 square foot pre-composter with odor controls. Now that’s talking trash!


Meeting planners – 2015 Convention and Meeting Topics and Descriptions provide program ideas to make your event a bigger success! These relevant, thought-provoking topics offer how-to strategies for participants to apply back at the office. Newly written programs are:

Stop Selling! Essential Strategies to Help Buyers Buy
Modern-Day Management – Get Work Done and Develop People
Create Career Success: A Short Course to Advance Professionally
Organic Growth – The Process and Practices of Sustained Success
Strengthening Agency-Company Relationships
How to Become the Agent of Choice
For more information, please get in touch.


Stay Energized!

February Energizer Minute – Clock Out. Get supercharged with Energizer Minutes – one-to-two minute audio stories told by yours truly to energize, invigorate, and inspire!

Follow me on Twitter @EmilyHuling to read my weekday Energizer Moments.


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Emily Live
· Agency Management CIC – Overland Park, KS – February 19, 2015
· NAPSLO Mid-Year Conference – Miami, FL – February 23-25, 2015
· NAMIC Commercial Lines Underwriting Conference – Putting Customers First While Maintaining Profitability – Chicago, IL – March 4-5, 2015
· Private Client – consulting – Atlanta, GA – March 10-12, 2015
· Private Client – consulting – Phoenix, AZ – March 18-24, 2015
· NetVU Annual Conference – Modern-Day Management – Get Work Done and Develop People – Indianapolis, IN – March 26-28, 2015
· Agency Management CIC – Little Rock, AR – April 8-10, 2015
· Private Client – agency consulting and workshops – South Bend, IN – April 13-16, 2015


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