April 2015

April 2015

Strategies for Success Newsletter April 2015 Issue 112


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In this April 2015 issue:

Thoughts from the road
Josmo’s Cafe
Thoughts from home
Stay energized
Emily Live


Thoughts from the road

Authentic Happiness

What a thrill to meet one of my thought-leader heroes last month! I had the privilege of hearing Dr. Martin Seligman, the father of the field of positive psychology, authority on the study of well-being, positivity, and happiness, and author of Learned Optimism, speak at the Million Dollar Consulting Convention in Atlanta. He packed a lot of insight and information into one hour. Highlights for you:

· The Theory of Well-Being, what makes individuals, corporations, and communities thrive, is broken down into five areas referred to as PERMA:
-Positive Emotions
-Relationships (positive ones!)
Improved well being comes from focusing on what’s good, as opposed to fixing what’s not.
This approach is used as resilience training for the US Army.
· Twitter and Facebook analysis are replacing surveys to measure stress levels and predict heart attacks. Dr. Seligman showed word clouds from men and woman and geographic areas (southern states vs. northeastern states). The contrast of attitude and focus was revealing! Male words spotlighted sex and sports. Female words concentrated on family and shopping. Southern states centered on faith and joy. Northeastern states expressed fierceness and competitiveness.
· A simple daily activity proven to increase personal happiness is to write down three positive things that happened that day before you go to bed. Drifting off with a feeling of well being enhances and promotes continued positive feelings.

Visit the Authentic Happiness website to get your personal PERMA well-being score. Complete various questionnaires to obtain personal insight.

Josmo’s Cafe

NEW and improved! Nasty winter weather gave me some down time to put the Josmo’s Cafe recipes in category order! As you will see, we are placing the recipe of the month at the top of the page and also in its proper category. We hope this will help you easily find that recipe you read, liked, and can’t see seem to locate!

John and I are continually delighted by the mail we receive when you try our recipes. Keep those messages coming!
This month’s recipe is Dill Pickle Dip. When I read the recipe in the Charlotte Observer, I thought yuk! Two days later, our friends Mary Beth and Rick came to dinner and brought the dip. Mary Beth is a southern gal and thought it sounded great. It was!!

Josmo’s Cafe, named in honor of John’s delicious Josmo’s Cosmo, is the name we use for our in-house entertaining. Our recipes are posted on the Josmo’s Café webpage. Enjoy!


Service Selling Supercharge!!!

A series of audio lessons every Tuesday morning to write, retain, and grow business!

Hundreds of agents have been listening to Service Selling Supercharge for the past four weeks.
A couple of comments:

“We overwhelmingly love it! We’re using the topic in our weekly meetings to discuss similar situations that have happened to each person.” Agency Owner

“She described me.” CSR sheepishly admitted to her boss after listening to episode 3 on Behavior.

Program overview:

1. 52 service-selling lessons for PL, CL, and Benefits CSRs in three-to-six minute mp3 audio episodes delivered by e-mail.
2. Perfect for independent learning, as pre-work for staff meetings, or listening together as a group.
3. Tracking form provided for easy note taking, reference, and follow up.
4. Join at any time and receive every past and future episode.

The cost: Only $2.00 a week, $104.00 for all 52 episodes. Only one subscription needed per office location. Forward e-mail to all staff.

Quantity discounts are available for multi-location agencies, company sponsorships, agency networks, clusters, and alliances. Please get in touch with me to discuss quantity pricing for your organization.

Listen to excerpts from three episodes. Information page lists all 52 episode topics.

Special April newsletter offer: The first twenty to sign up in April will receive a complimentary copy of the 2014 Energizer Minute Collection CD. This year’s bonus track is 27 Ways to Promote Positive Energy.


Thoughts from home
“Emily, I really like working for you. You have low standards.”

These are the immortal words of Virginia, my cleaning lady.

“What?” I said feeling insulted. I asked Virginia to please explain. Virginia said that she knows sometimes she forgets to clean something or doesn’t do as good a job on some days as others. She said she appreciates my not making a big deal out of it. She explained that some people she works for drive her crazy with detailed instructions and constantly checking behind her.

In the scheme of things, does it really matter that the top of the refrigerator doesn’t get dusted one week? Or the Endust doesn’t get put away? What matters to me most is that Virginia is reliable, trustworthy, and careful with our belongings. She also does an excellent and consistent cleaning job.

Moral of the story: Before making a big deal out of something and causing unnecessary stress for you and the other person, decide what’s really important.

Originally published in September 2010 newsletter.


Meeting planners – Young Agent Presentation and Workshop Topics are back by popular demand! Proven Producer Strategies to Earn More Money; Kick Your “But” Overcoming the Obstacles to Sales Success; Polishing the Message and the Messenger. Get in touch if interested in discussing programs for your event.

2015 Convention and Meeting Topics and Descriptions provide program ideas to make your event a bigger success! These relevant, thought-provoking topics offer how-to strategies for participants to apply back at the office. For more information, please get in touch.


Stay Energized!

April Energizer Minute – The Key to Making Decisions Get supercharged with Energizer Minutes – one-to-two minute audio stories told by yours truly to energize, invigorate, and inspire!

Follow me on Twitter @EmilyHuling to read my weekday Energizer Moments.


Emily Live
· Agency Management CIC – Little Rock, AR – April 8-10, 2015
· Private Client – agency consulting and workshops – South Bend, IN – April 13-16, 2015
· Private Client – Building the Business – workshops and consulting – Madison, WI – April 20-23, 2015
· Private Client – Raising the BAR – Building Agent Relationships – While Protecting Profitability – Fargo, ND – May 11-15, 2015
· Private Client – consulting – Phoenix, AZ – May 18-23, 2015
· Independent Agents of Iowa – Young Agent Convention – Kick Your “But” 5 Proven Strategies to Earn More Money – Altoona, IA – June 17, 2015
· Midwest/Western Regional Farm Bureau Underwriting Conference – Putting Customers First While Maintaining Profitability – Jackson, WY – July 14, 2015
· NAPSLO Annual Convention – San Diego, CA – September 9-12, 2015
· Agency Management CIC – Milwaukee, WI – September 23-24, 2015
· Agency Management CIC – Roanoke, VA – October 21-22, 2015


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