9 Reasons to LOVE Sales!

9 Reasons to LOVE Sales!

What a challenge it is to be a salesperson today! And when times get difficult, it’s easy to think of all the reasons why you don’t want to be doing what you’re doing. This is a good time to review what makes the sales profession the greatest career in the world!

The sky’s the limit. Earning a substantial income may not make one happy, but it certainly gives a person more life choices. In selling, you are the master of your own income destiny. Work with a firm that will pay you on merit, so that your earnings are directly related to your own achievements.

Enjoy the freedom. There’s no need to punch a clock in sales. Each day has twenty-four hours. How you organize and prioritize your days is totally up to you. Want to work from 5:00 AM to 3:00 PM so you can coach your child’s soccer team? You can make it happen. Community work, volunteering, or entertaining clients can all lead to increased sales. Selling makes for a flexible life.

Use your creativity. Success comes to salespeople who solve problems and find ways to add value to business partnerships. Original thinking is appreciated in the sales profession.

Meet fascinating people. Meet people who perform regularly in their local neighborhood theater, are gourmet chefs, or are part of the big brother or sister programs. It’s interesting to continually put yourself in front of a changing mix of people.

Connect people. Because of the variety of people you meet, salespeople can always find ways to help others succeed. Salespeople can suggest employee candidates, refer business, and recommend vendors to support those with whom you do business.

Build character. Salespeople put themselves in situations to sell a product or service they truly believe in. The risk is rejection or objections. Overcoming both of those reactions is what helps define the personality and fortitude of an individual. With risk comes reward.

Learn things that add value to your personal life. Traveling to new territories or getting to know people who have different life experiences is more valuable that any armchair learning you can do. Salespeople who make a point to learn from their sales encounters have richer personal lives.

Good reason to take up golf. Golf remains the preferred recreation of business leaders. To get in front of the big players, learn to play their game. Golf is a great way to build your circle of influence and sales success.

Job security. If you’re good at selling, you’re good at selling, no matter what industry you choose to be in. Accomplished salespeople will always have their pick of employment.

For those who are riding high in the sales profession, this list should be a good reminder. For those who may be feeling a bit down and out, remember that sales, like anything else in life, is what you make it!

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