Strategy. Solutions. Soar!


For 27 years we have helped clients achieve their goals, fast-forward success, improve workplace dynamics, and enhance their clients' experience. The process is this:

Strategy. Develop a plan, methods, and measurements to achieve goals.

Solutions. Solve problems, overcome challenges, and deal with difficult situations.

Soar! Rise high by maximizing talent and resources, building on success, and generating new opportunities.

We work with clients to shift individual mindset, behaviors, and actions.

Mindset: Beliefs and attitudes a person holds.
Behavior: How a person conducts himself/herself.
Actions: Purposeful acts or encounters.

We do this by working simultaneously from the top down (executive level) and the bottom up (front-line professionals).

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Ryan Hanley

Emily is a gift…

We crossed paths in cyberspace about a year ago and in what would be a defining moment in my life she reached out to me with a phone call. The conversation that followed changed the way I think about my business. Emily instilled hope where I thought rested only dreams.. Epic but true.

Technically speaking what Emily did was help me work through my own thoughts and lay them out in a logical path. She helped me to un-jumble my goals and order them in a way that makes success seem achievable versus daunting.

I adore the friendship we have formed and would encourage anyone that has the opportunity to work with Emily not to let it pass by.

She is smart, professional and experienced yet cheeky and fun, which makes for an amazing business adviser and partner.

Thank you Emily!

Ryan Hanley, CIC
Speaker and Consultant Digital Marketing Guru,