Strategy. Solutions. Soar!


For 27 years we have helped clients achieve their goals, fast-forward success, improve workplace dynamics, and enhance their clients' experience. The process is this:

Strategy. Develop a plan, methods, and measurements to achieve goals.

Solutions. Solve problems, overcome challenges, and deal with difficult situations.

Soar! Rise high by maximizing talent and resources, building on success, and generating new opportunities.

We work with clients to shift individual mindset, behaviors, and actions.

Mindset: Beliefs and attitudes a person holds.
Behavior: How a person conducts himself/herself.
Actions: Purposeful acts or encounters.

We do this by working simultaneously from the top down (executive level) and the bottom up (front-line professionals).

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Megan Vaught

Emily was part of PIA of Indiana’s 2013 Convention and did a great job presenting strategies for marketing plans and producer success for main street agents. Our attendees enjoyed her so much, we’ve invited her back for our 2014 Convention to present on strengthening company relationships and CSR service-selling techniques. Emily is not only a great presenter but a true professional! An expert in the field, she’s easy to work with and delivered great results in the form of very happy attendees. I highly recommend her!

Megan Vaught
Membership and Communication Manager, PIA of Indiana