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Strengthening Team and Agency Relationships for Insurance Companies and MGAs

If your company team is not where it needs to be to reach your growth and profit goals, we will help you get there. Applying first-hand experience as a company underwriter and marketing rep and as a sales manager at a multi-location independent agency, Emily works with insurance companies and MGAs to improve agency results.

We will help you meet your growth and profit objectives through:

  • Culture change programs to create uniform best practices of agency relationships
  • Workshops to further understanding of agency operations, challenges, and what drives agents to place business – contact me to discuss course offerings
  • Coaching to develop individuals to be their personal best
  • Group presentations to motivate and engage employees on how to become the go-to company
  • Business development books and audios

Our client list on this website lists the many companies we are proud to have worked with. Give us a call if we can help your company excel in your agency partnerships.

Turning Service into Sales for customer service, account managers and support staff

Through a series of workshops, this program improves the client experience, account retention, and professionalism. Topics include:

  • Personal effectiveness
  • Deliver what your customer wants
  • Be a solution provider
  • Insurance jargon unplugged
  • Develop high latitude listening skills
  • Handling customer objections and attitudes
  • Improve telephone communication
  • Communicate with confidence
  • How to handle angry customers
  • How to have a positive attitude each day
  • Creating customer loyalty

Client Based Selling for outside sales people

Client Based Selling is a flexible program tailored to meet the unique challenges of your sales force. Designed for people new to sales or those that need a jump start, CBS will take your sales force to the next level. Topics include:

  • Developing your unique marketing and sales strategy
  • Managing your database for sales success
  • Expanding sales opportunities through mind mapping
  • How to effectively network
  • Qualifying prospects
  • Maximize your time
  • Pre-call planning techniques
  • How to open the call
  • Techniques to uncover client needs
  • Handling client attitude and objections
  • Negotiating strategies
  • Strengthening client relationships
  • Understanding client communication styles
  • Identifying decision makers
  • Soliciting and maximizing referrals
  • Proposals that close
  • Selling across generations
  • Creating personal power and presence

Developing Top-Performing Managers for owners, managers, and supervisors

Develop managers and supervisors skills and personal effectiveness that result in improved staff productivity, teamwork, and customer focus. Topics include:

  • Delegating work
  • Developing personal presence
  • Empowering and energizing people
  • How to have effective meetings
  • Setting up training programs
  • Interviewing, hiring, compensation
  • Performance reviews
  • Handling challenging employees
  • Staying innovative
  • Coaching techniques


Molly DiGiammarino, CMP

Emily recently delivered two programs at the NAMIC Communications + Marketing Workshop – Selling Your Ideas to Leadership and Communicating Effectively with Your Agents. Both the immediate feedback from her sessions and the participant surveys confirmed why Emily is a sought-after presenter for our members. Here is a comment that sums up the many positive comments. “Emily is incredibly skilled as a presenter and gets our challenges as an industry because she has been there. Her content is spot on. Best speaker of the week for me.”

Molly DiGiammarino, CMP
Meeting Manager, NAMIC