Molly DiGiammarino, CMP

Emily recently delivered two programs at the NAMIC Communications + Marketing Workshop – Selling Your Ideas to Leadership and Communicating Effectively with Your Agents. Both the immediate feedback from her sessions and the participant surveys confirmed why Emily is a sought-after presenter for our members. Here is a comment that sums up the many positive comments. “Emily is incredibly skilled as a presenter and gets our challenges as an industry because she has been there. Her content is spot on. Best speaker of the week for me.”

Molly DiGiammarino, CMP
Meeting Manager, NAMIC

Kristen Spriggs

Emily is one of the best insurance industry trainers and motivators out there. I affectionately call her “Encore Emily” because practically every planning committee wanted Emily on next year’s agenda over my 17-year career working with her.

Kristen Spriggs
Meeting/Experience Designer

Vanessa Monteith

Emily spoke at our Sales Summit. She was a true blessing in disguise. Her ideas were outstanding and her book Great Service Sells added even more value.

Vanessa Monteith
Sales Agent, Nodak Insurance Company

Becky A Gilkison

I had the pleasure of attending Emily’s presentation “Leading with Certainty in Uncertain Times” recently at the NetVU conference. Such a motivating and influential program! Emily’s energetic, vibrant and positive attitude is the type of energy that makes everyone’s day great! Thank you, Emily, for sharing your enthusiasm about the industry, about what makes us tick… and helpful tricks to positively influence others.

Becky A. Gilkison CIC
Automation & Compliance Specialist, Western Reserve Group

Tracy Cotton

I’ve known Emily for many years and enjoyed having her instruct prior CIC updates I’ve taken, gained great insight from her audio books, and most recently her speech at Elevate 2017 really rocked my world. Her style is so practical and yet still kicks you in the duff. I would recommend her as a mentor, instructor or keynote – she’ll deliver.

Tracy Cotton, CIC, CISR
Farm to Fork Insurance Agent, Morrow Insurance Agency, Inc.

Kevin Panter

Kevin Panter Insurance has been working with Emily for many years. Emily is a great resource for our agency. Her onsite visits, books and audio programs have played a big role in our agency growth.

Kevin Panter, President
Kevin Panter Insurance

Coryn Thalmann

With Emily’s guidance, Jimcor made significant strides in 2016. Our firm contracted with Emily for the year to help us reset our focus on our clients. Our partnership included executive team planning, sales and service associate workshops, teleconferences and consulting to enhance client relationships and increase profitable growth and efficiencies. Emily’s expertise helped us make organizational and cultural changes thoughtfully and quickly.

Coryn Thalmann, CIC, CIW, Co-owner
Jimcor Agencies

Dan Einstein

Emily does what we don’t have time to do with new producers and does it extremely well. The producers appreciate her focused attention, honest feedback, and depth of knowledge about insurance sales. Emily has been instrumental in helping develop our people for ten years and will continue to be.

Dan Einstein
President, Rosenfeld Einstein, Greenville, SC

Jenny Dotter

Emily captures the essence of how to maintain a profitable business. Her knowledge and insight set the stage for establishing effective customer relationships and gaining a competitive advantage. Emily provides precise tools to avoid costly mistakes, develops winning strategies, and makes organizational goals a reality.

Jenny Dotter
President and CEO, One General Agency

Melanie Gavanes

Emily’s passion for her vocation and life flowed freely during our coaching call. She is insightful and direct in her approach which helped me develop an achievable plan. I highly recommend Emily personally and professionally.

Melanie Gavanes
Northern Illinois Marketing Manager, Arlington/Roe

Cathy Hall

We were lucky enough to receive a complimentary one-hour consulting call with Emily. Before speaking with us, she visited our website to get to know a little about us, and then asked relevant questions to supplement that. Emily is a dynamic and engaging consultant, with relevant and practical suggestions on helping your agency. She gave us some great ideas (and reminders) on how to turn our organization into a service-selling agency. I’ve also had the pleasure of attending several of her seminars and classes at various conventions and look forward to receiving her newsletter every month. Love those Energizer Minutes.

Cathy Hall. CIC, AAI, AIM
Vice President, Forest Agency

Megan Vaught

Emily was part of PIA of Indiana’s 2013 Convention and did a great job presenting strategies for marketing plans and producer success for main street agents. Our attendees enjoyed her so much, we’ve invited her back for our 2014 Convention to present on strengthening company relationships and CSR service-selling techniques. Emily is not only a great presenter but a true professional! An expert in the field, she’s easy to work with and delivered great results in the form of very happy attendees. I highly recommend her!

Megan Vaught
Membership and Communication Manager, PIA of Indiana

Sarah Kueffer

We consulted several times with Emily over the phone, but we are so thankful that we hired her to come onsite for a strategic planning session. We achieved much more than I imagined possible! Emily provided direction, coaching and valuable insight. She left us with a step by step process for achieving our goals. Thank you Emily!

Sarah Kueffer, CIC, COO
Integrity Midwest Insurance, LLC

Kim Bentley

I have been a participant in several motivational/sales skills seminars over the past 23 years and can honestly say this is the first one where my “aha moments” came from the way you facilitated the group conversation.  I still have the orange and yellow note cards on my computer as a constant reminder of the things you helped us all realize.  Thanks for the inspiration!

Kim Bentley, CPCU, CIC
Personal Lines Manager, Concorde General Agency

Ryan Hanley

Emily is a gift…

We crossed paths in cyberspace about a year ago and in what would be a defining moment in my life she reached out to me with a phone call. The conversation that followed changed the way I think about my business. Emily instilled hope where I thought rested only dreams.. Epic but true.

Technically speaking what Emily did was help me work through my own thoughts and lay them out in a logical path. She helped me to un-jumble my goals and order them in a way that makes success seem achievable versus daunting.

I adore the friendship we have formed and would encourage anyone that has the opportunity to work with Emily not to let it pass by.

She is smart, professional and experienced yet cheeky and fun, which makes for an amazing business adviser and partner.

Thank you Emily!

Ryan Hanley, CIC
Speaker and Consultant Digital Marketing Guru, TrustedChoice.com

John M. DiBiasi

I have known Emily for 20 years and she has helped at multiple companies. Each time she has added new thoughts and ideas. She plays to the audience and really targets the specific needs of the group and each individual. She develops a very personal approach.

Emily knows her stuff and the enthusiasm is very contagious but that does not get in the way. Yes, she is fun but the focus is always on self-improvement and group dynamics. She adds value at multiple levels.

Recently she was engaged for a multiple day “build the business” session. There were 35 people in the various sessions and she facilitated beautifully. She got the group to really look at itself and the company and identify the ongoing strengths but, more importantly, confront the issues needing improvement. There was no hesitancy for the group to “get at it” and really identify needed improvements from the bottom up and from the top down. Emily was a tremendous help. We are having her back for more workshops in the future.

John M. DiBiasi, CPCU
Head of Distribution at CapSpecialty

Tom Rogers

Emily brings a unique perspective and high energy approach to her work. We have hired a variety of consultants through the years, but none who have had the ability to effectively communicate with everyone in the organization as well as Emily.

SVP Sales and Risk Management at FBinsure

Sandra Parrillo

When participants leave Emily’s sessions they are high-fiving each other! Her energy and enthusiasm for her material is contagious!

Sandra Parrillo, CPCU, President and CEO
The Providence Mutual Fire Insurance Company

Brian Bernth

In just three days of workshops, interviews, and general planning, Emily helped us define a vision, develop plans to improve client service, come up with a training program for new hires, strengthen our teamwork, and kick the “buts” of our existing sales force. She is a total difference maker!

Brian Bernth
Operations Manager, Laven Insurance