Sales Coaching and Mentoring Program for Producers


Attention Sales Managers and Agency Owners

Do you struggle to find time to mentor and develop producers?
Does your one-on-one coaching help producers maximize strengths and overcome weaknesses?
Do you follow a set curriculum to teach and reinforce results-producing strategies?
Can you separate personal relationships from critical business issues?
This is a long-distance Sales Coaching and Mentoring Program for Producers. Using my books and audio programs as a basis for the curriculum, I help producers with both sales strategy and tactics of execution.

During this program, producers will:

  • Establish personal brand and target an area of expertise
  • Increase the right prospects in their sales funnel
  • Increase sales closings
  • Expand and expand networks and circle of influence

Course topics include reviewing the producer’s current situation, developing or refining the producer’s sales plan, identifying target niches, establishing a value proposition, enhancing professionalism and credibility, networking, qualifying business, opening the call, pre-call planning, joint call preparation, selling to other generations, adapting to the four different personality styles, handling sales objections, creating proposals that close, and writing articles to be published.

Advanced topics include how to write articles for publication and presentation and speaking skills.

Who is a candidate for this program?

  • Producers selling personal, commercial, life and health business
  • Recent college grads
  • Individuals with sales experience, but new to insurance sales
  • New hires with limited previous insurance sales experience
  • CSRs or Account Managers making the leap to outside sales
  • Hires from insurance companies who haven’t sold retail
  • Producers who attended a public producer sales school or an insurance company producer school without a follow up program

How the program works:

  • Unlimited access to me for the entire coaching engagement.
  • Scheduled phone meetings every three weeks to follow up on course assignments and introduce new sales topics.
  • Meeting in person.  We can meet in person if convenient for both of us.
  • Specific curriculum and assignments to follow using my  books and audio programs.
  • Conversations as needed on specific account strategy and issues.
  • Weekly activity sheets reviewed and discussed during scheduled calls.
  • Periodic sales manager alerts and updates on producer progress.

This is an intensive course with several hours of assignments and preparation for each scheduled call. The responsibility of completing the work falls on the producer. I will enforce completion dates and task accomplishment, but will not hover.

How to get started:

  • Acceptance to the program is based on my review of the producer’s resume, Omnia profile, compensation program, and a verbal overview of job expectations and performance from the sales manager or owner.
  • Program cost varies depending on length of engagement. The investment is recouped through increased business, a shorter learning curve, and creating a sales process for long-term success. The fee includes all course books and audio programs.
  • There are limited openings, but there is a waiting list for accepted candidates.

Some agencies may have additional needs in working with producers. Additional producer consulting options are:

  • Recruiting, hiring, compensation, validation, and vesting plan assistance
  • Agency orientation and technical development program guidance
  • Projects are designed on an individual basis.

Give me a call to discuss how I can help you get a new producer on the fast track to success!

Emily does what we don’t have time to do with new producers and does it extremely well. The producers appreciate her focused attention, honest feedback, and depth of knowledge about insurance sales. Emily has been instrumental in helping develop our people for ten years and will continue to be.

Dan Einstein
President, Rosenfeld Einstein, Greenville, SC