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Touchpoints for Managers: Improve Employee Satisfaction and Productivity


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What’s a Touchpoint? A touchpoint is a moment of contact with another person. Each connection, no matter how brief, will influence the relationship and business result. Touchpoints are positive, negative or just so-so. What positive Touchpoints do you incorporate into your business day?

Valued, encouraged, and intellectually-stimulated employees are productive employees. Learn dozens of fresh management touchpoints that heighten employee fulfillment and drive productivity and profits.

Concepts discussed include:

  1.  Expect the best
  2. Encouragement
  3. Give employees your undivided attention
  4. Be personable
  5. Remember the family
  6. Model the behavior you want
  7. Meeting protocol
  8. Clearly define and enforce job duties
  9. Delegate properly
  10. Conduct periodic desk and work audits
  11. How to eliminate backlog