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Touchpoints for CSRs: Creating Client Connections


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What’s a Touchpoint? A touchpoint is a moment of contact with another person. Each connection, no matter how brief, will influence the relationship and business result. Touchpoints are positive, negative or just so-so. What positive Touchpoints do you incorporate into your client interactions?

We are living in a new and demanding world of client expectations. Are you keeping up with what clients require and count on? Advance your level customer service by implementing both proven and novel ideas.

The CSR audio CD contains these strategies to build client connections:

  1. Lead with your heart
  2. Get in touch with why you love what you do
  3. Be welcoming and approachable
  4. Build confidence through body language
  5. Be responsive no matter what
  6. Practice I-Power
  7. Keep your emotions in check
  8. Make doing business with you easy and efficient
  9. The power of an apology
  10. Thoughtful gestures are forever remembered