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Selling in a Hard Market


27 Ways to Insure Sales Success

This 2001 classic, best-selling book is designed for group learning. Insurance professionals unfamiliar with selling increased pricing or coverage restrictions will benefit from this program.





Selling in a Hard Market offers practical advice to incorporate into your agency, individual risk, and company strategies.

The very competitive and soft insurance market appears to be changing, at least in certain segments of the business. High-risk property and worker’s compensation rates are rising in some states. Homeowners’ premiums in geographic areas significantly damaged by storms and wildfires are increasing. Some carriers are even refusing to write homeowners coverage at all without a supporting auto policy.

By reading and discussing Selling in a Hard Market, insurance professionals will learn 27 tips to learn how to deal with customers faced with price increases or coverage restrictions.

  1. Form Relationships Based on Trust
  2. Create Vertical Client Relationships
  3. Tell Them Before They Tell You
  4. Practice Ambassador Techniques
  5. Eliminate Negative Thoughts
  6. Inform Your Circle of Influence and Referral Sources
  7. Qualify New Business
  8. Help Your Clients Lower Their Overall Cost of Doing Business
  9. Commit to Your Client
  10. Prepare for the Unexpected
  11. Pay Close Attention to Your Companies
  12. Become the Expert
  13. Hold Meaningful Sales Meetings
  14. Keep Visible With Your Clients
  15. Use Effective Negotiating Techniques
  16. Keep Up With the Competition
  17. Diversity Your Business
  18. Be a Solution Provider
  19. Cultivate New Company Relationships
  20. Realize Decision Makers May Change
  21. Get Help When You Need It
  22. Recommit Yourself to Personal Development
  23. Be There After the Sale
  24. Prepare for Objections
  25. Offer Payment Options
  26. Reinvest Your Additional Resources
  27. Position Yourself for Future Sales