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Selling from the Inside: Creating a Front Line that Adds to Your Bottom Line


Selling from the Inside will introduce fresh concepts to your business and enable associates to reach new heights.




Creating a Front Line that Adds to Your Bottom Line

Once a piece of business is written by your agency or company, front-line people–customer service representatives, underwriters, account managers, sales assistants, receptionists, bookkeepers–have more contact with clients than producers do.  It’s the front-line folks who retain accounts, grow business, solve problems, and help avoid errors and omissions claims.

You can keep guessing how to create an effective front line.

Or you can read Emily’s new book.

Learn 50 ways to:

  • Create a client-focused organization
  • Keep clients happy
  • Equip your front line to sell


Selling from the Inside chapters:

Create the Culture
Tip #1 Communicate the Vision
Tip #2 Maintain a Respectful Office
Tip #3 Change Your Language
Tip #4 Look Like You Mean Business
Tip #5 Act Like You Mean Business
Tip #6 Eliminate Unnecessary Work
Tip #7 Make Associates Part of the Team
Tip #8 Create Personal Accountability
Tip #9 Delegate Responsibly
Tip #10 Stress Busters
Tip #11 Flex Your Business
Tip #12 Start New Hires Off Right
Tip #13 Hold Monthly Client Service Meetings
Tip #14 Give to the Community
Tip #15 Post a Community Bulletin Board
Tip #16 Recognize and Reward Continually

Keep Clients Happy
Tip #17 Develop Your Ten Commandments of Client Service
Tip #18 Deliver Consistent Business Practices
Tip #19 Be a Claims-Handling Advocate
Tip #20 Be Accessible 24/7
Tip #21 Take Care of Callers
Tip #22 Provide Messages-on-Hold
Tip #23 Welcome Visitors
Tip #24 Be Proactive, Not Reactive
Tip #25 The Power of the Apology
Tip #26 Assign Back-Up Associates
Tip #27 Personalize Relationships
Tip #28 Address Complaints Immediately
Tip #29 Host Client Activities
Tip #30 Be Your Clients’ Advocate
Tip #31 Thank Clients for Referrals
Tip #32 Solicit Client Feedback
Tip #33 Establish Client Service Plans
Tip #34 “Is There Anything Else I Can Help You With?”

Equip the Front Line to Sell
Tip #35 Visit Clients
Tip #36 Create a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) List
Tip #37 Offer Coverage of the Month
Tip #38 Create Story Rosters
Tip #39 Lunch and Learn
Tip #40 Collect and Use Testimonials
Tip #41 “I’m Thinking About You” Phone Calls
Tip #42 Use Risk Analysis Questionnaires
Tip #43 By the Way
Tip #44 Give the Front Line a Budget
Tip #45 Stay Abreast of Market Conditions
Tip #46 Visit Your Business Partners
Tip #47 Assign Company Resource People
Tip #48 Create a Company Analysis Spreadsheet
Tip #49 Maintain a Resource Library
Tip #50 Use and Retain Knowledge

What influential insurance professionals are saying about Selling from the Inside:

“Emily’s advice is sound for an agency and for our own company. Clearly, she has thoroughly researched these ideas. This book is a must for leaders who want to make their firms more successful for both their clients and their people.”

Herman J. Arends, Former Chairman and CEO
Auto-Owners Insurance

“Emily shows true understanding of the challenges that associates on the firing line face every day. These professionals perform at their highest potential when management provides the right environment and tools. When that happens, clients win and company margins improve.”

Paul W. Springman, Account Executive

“These strategies really work. As a long-time client, our agency uses these principles. This is advice you can trust to grow your business from the inside.”

Dan Einstein, President
Rosenfeld Einstein

“Emily Huling’s books are to sales ideas what Barry Bonds is to hitting one home run after another!”

Chris Amrhein, AAI
Amrhein and Associates, Inc.