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Handle Sales Objections and Other Customer Attitudes


This information packed, 90-minute program provides the tips and techniques you need to write and retain business.

2 Audio CDs



This program is geared to agents, producers, and CSRs looking for information to compete and win in today’s challenging marketplace.

Handle Sales Objections  topics include:

  • How to prevent objections from occurring
  • Identify barriers that mean “no-sale”
  • Differentiate four key customer attitudes and how to handle them
  • Effectively position your competitive advantage

In addition, Emily answers the following participant questions:

  • What can I do about an objection. I can’t change my young age?
  • What’s the best way to handle multiple decision makers and the different questions they ask?
  • How can I compete against an agent who has sold an account based on erroneous information?
  • Using accurate information makes me uncompetitive.
  • What are the most common mistakes salespeople make that alienate buyers and impede sales success?

A few e-mail comments from participants:

“We were thrilled you used so many real-life insurance examples. You really know this business!”

“Another great seminar, Emily. We look forward to more valuable programs.”

“You really helped our staff understand that the barriers they hear can be overcome. Thanks for all the scripts and ideas you provided.”

“I really enjoyed the class as I felt that we got a number of good ideas in a small amount of time; that her talk was well structured, and she really lasered in on a few topics of value. While this particular class dealt more with the C/L producer, much was transferable, and it piqued my interest in checking her Personal Lines class CD. It contained many elementary concepts and used common language so it is useful for the beginning Service Center staff.”