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Great Service Sells: How Great CSRs Turn Service into Sales


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Great Service Sells describes the qualities, behaviors, and actions of top-performing CSRs who maximize customer service responsibilities to increase sales, retain business, and earn referrals.

Each of the 21 chapters describes a top-performing CSR strategy, a real-life example of how it plays out in the CSRs world, and a personal challenge. Use this book during staff meetings or lunch ‘n learns to create a culture of service selling.

The 21 chapters explain and teach how GREAT CSRs:

  1. Believe in the Insurance Industry
  2. Practice a “No Surprise” Policy
  3. Know That Every Agency Policyholder is Their Customer
  4. Create Career Opportunities for Themselves
  5. Remember Who They Are and Where They Are
  6. Solve Problems Independently
  7. Pursue Invincible, not Invisible
  8. Foster Mutual Respect with Producers
  9. Give Customers Five Reasons
  10. Say This, Not That
  11. Lead from the Front Line
  12. Go the Extra Mile
  13. Follow Up on Lost Business
  14. Put Knowledge into Practice
  15. Manage Their Time Effectively
  16. Respond to Objections Confidently and Knowledgeably
  17. Display a Positive Image in the Office
  18. Maintain a Professional Business Network
  19. Respect the Customer’s Point of View
  20. Are a Valuable Resource
  21. CARE About Their Customers

Use and Feedback Comments Below

To achieve optimum results to turn service into sales, Great Service Sells is designed for group learning during CSR staff meetings.

To facilitate the meeting and guide CSRs to a service-selling mindset the following is recommended:

  • Each CSR should have his or her own copy of the book.
  • The agency has one copy of the audio CD book to play during the meeting as the CSRs follow along reading the book.
  • There are 21 chapters. Each chapter takes only five minutes to read. Schedule a Great Service Sells (weekly or bi-weekly) meeting for each chapter.
  • Allow approximately 45-60 minutes for the meeting. Many agencies use the lunch and learn format.
  • Assign each chapter to a different individual to guide and facilitate the meeting.
  • The facilitator should prepare for the meeting ahead of time by reading the chapter and identifying key points pertinent to the agency goals and challenges.
  • Meeting supplies: CD player, flip chart and markers.
  • During the meeting, the facilitator introduces the topic and starts the CD for the group. As the CD is playing, the facilitator should feel free to write key points on the flip chart to refer back to for the discussion. Encourage the participants to take notes as they listen to aid the discussion.
  • To lead the discussion:
    • After the CD is finished for that topic, the facilitator leads the discussion by asking these questions:  (It helps to write these questions on the flip chart ahead of time)
    • What are you/we/agency already doing that Emily spoke about?
    • What was the best new idea you heard?
    • How can you/we/agency apply this concept?
  • Before asking people to share their thoughts with the group, ask each person to jot down the answers to the three questions. Have them partner with the person beside them to discuss their ideas and ask each group to choose which ideas they want to share with the entire group.
  • The facilitator goes group by group and writes their ideas on the flip chart.
  • Lead a discussion that will initiate an action plan to move forward on the CSRs’ ideas.
  • Each chapter concludes with a personal challenge. After the first meeting, begin each meeting by asking participants to report on the result of the prior challenge. Introduce and begin the new program material after that.

Use and Feedback about Great Service Sells:

“We are about 1/2 way thru the Great Service Sells book with our staff.  Your program is generating much discussion and team bonding.  We did Chapter 9 as a group and came up with the lists for both why people want to do business with our agency and why personally.  I think they left the meeting with their heads held a little higher. Thank you for writing the book.”

-From the Personal Lines Manager in a Mid-Michigan Independent Agency

“During our two year transition to improve service to our customers, I utilized your Great Service Sells book and CD for a series of “Lunch ‘n’ Learns.” The format and topics have been very helpful in starting the dialogue of Great Customer Service.”

-Jill Plate
Manager, Customer Support, Sircon

“Emily Huling, simply put, understands the insurance business.  This book, as with all her other material, will help every agency and every individual perform at a higher level.”

-Jeff Harrold, CPCU, CLU, ChFC, CEO
Auto-Owners Insurance Company

Insurance Agency Use and Feedback

“I read your chapter “Great CSRs Know Every Policyholder is THEIR Customer” to all CSAs at our monthly meeting today. The message was timely after the busy holiday vacation season. I caught myself several times as I was fielding phone calls saying, “I don’t usually handle your account” or “Your CSA is out, but I will certainly try.” Thanks for the reminder to leave that out and just handle the clients’ business! I think it rang a bell for everyone.”

-Sally P. McClary, CIC
Commercial Lines Account Manager
Greenville, SC

Insurance Company Use and Feedback

“This morning our customer service group finished Chapter 11.  For about 3 months now we have been meeting weekly to discuss a chapter of your great book.
I asked the group what they liked and should we continue.  They said, “Absolutely!”
Here are some of the comments I got back:

– It has been great to spend some time with each other talking about these things, away from the phones.
– I like that I have gotten compliments – I feel appreciated!  We don’t normally take the time to point out what each other do well, but we have been doing that here.
– It’s been a great way to stop and think about what we are doing.
– It’s focused on what each of us can do in our own way to make things better for our agents and customers.

When we started the program I was worried that the customer service folks would push back because it was written for agencies, not carriers.  But it really works in all situations.  We just change the words sometimes to fit our circumstances.  That really has not been a big deal.
Just wanted to take a minute to let you know that it was going well here at Rockingham!”

-Deb Van Horn
Assistant Division Manager
The Rockingham Group, Norfolk and Dedham Group, and the Newbury Corporation

“Emily has captured the essence of how to maintain a profitable business.  Her knowledge and insight set the stage for establishing effective customer relationships and gaining a competitive advantage. Emily provides a precise toolkit to avoid costly mistakes, develop winning strategies and to make organizational goals a reality.”

-Jennifer Wood, CIC
President and CEO
One General Agency

“Emily Huling’s new book Great Service Sells has really hit the bull’s eye on what is required from every CSR in today’s business environment. Emily has taken the basic principles of service and kicked them up a notch to help every CSR succeed in delivering great service to their customers, their employers and the industry as a whole.  We plan on using this new book as our focus for staff meetings in the coming year.  This book is a must for every agency that wants to succeed into the next decade!”

-Lesa H. Williams, CIC, CRM, CPCU, CBIA
Twin City Insurance Agency

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