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Be a Better Boss: 10 Strategies to Develop Top Performers





This high-content audio program contains a full hour of real-world stories and practical, easy-to-implement ideas. Join hundreds of managers who have improved their management skills to develop top performers.

The 10 strategies discussed are:

  1. Maintain a Positive Environment
  2. Offer Emotional Support
  3. Bolster Intellectual Potential
  4. Observe Office Practice and Behavior
  5. Impart Professional Insight
  6. Dialogue One-on-One
  7. Provide Performance Feedback
  8. Facilitate Effective Meetings
  9. Managing Remote Workers
  10. Lead by Example


“Emily’s experience in developing managers and no-nonsense communication style is a perfect combination to learn dozens of pertinent ideas quickly. I listen to the audios twice. Once in the car and once at my desk to take notes. Emily’s management skill-building programs supply real-world valuable information.”

Susan H Koshewa, ARM CRIS
Workers Compensation Underwriting Manager
RTW, Inc. a State Auto Company