Grilled Romaine Lettuce

Grilled Romaine Lettuce

Serves 4

Bag of 3 Hearts of Romaine

Olive oil based salad dressing – not low-fat – we use Gazebo Room Greek Salad Dressing & Marinade


Rinse off lettuce keeping it on the core. Remove any bad outside leaves. Cut off about one inch of the leaf end just to square it so that dressing can be drizzled in between the leaves. Gently separate the lettuce leaves and drizzle the dressing inside.

Place on moderate grill for about 15 minutes, turning every 5 minutes. Remove when the lettuce is a bit charred and wilted.

On a cutting board, cut off the cores. Chop lettuce into bite side pieces and place in bowl. Toss lettuce very well and serve warm.

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