April 2023

April 2023

Strategies for Success Newsletter April 2023 Issue 208


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In this April 2023 issue:

  1. Thoughts from the Office
  2. Thoughts from the Road
  3. Josmo’s Cafe
  4. Stay Energized


  1. Thoughts from the Office

When Veronique Vienne wrote The Art of Doing Nothing in 1998, she could not have imagined how needed her philosophy, approach, and advice would be 25 years later. The chapter on the Art of Listening offers insight as to why being silent is so important. Here are a few of my favorite passages from this chapter.

“A major portion of what we think we just heard is the product of our imaginations. Without even knowing it, we fill missing gaps in other people’s utterances, correcting their grammar, interpreting their accents, adding punctuation, substituting words – all in all creating their speech as they go along. Usually, we can figure out what people are trying to say long before they stop rambling., Far from being passive, listening to someone talk is an active, inspired, and often compassionate act of creation.”

“The next time you attend a meeting, sit back, relax, and listen. Be the designated listener. Note how much concentration it takes just to follow every word of a verbal exchange. You don’t have to talk to be an active participant. As far as others are concerned, every one of your glances, head movements, smiles, or facial expressions is part of what is being said.”

“The more you listen to others, the more they will seek your approval.”

“Whoever listens most usually controls the situation.”

“Not saying anything when you have nothing to say will always prove wise.”

“Leave something unsaid. Don’t give every detail. Make room for mystery.”

Veronique Vienne is the author or co-author of dozens of books, not all translated into English. Her career centers on art and graphic design while at the same time writing beautiful and inspiring books to enhance and enrich life.

Many thanks to my long-time business friend Nathan Einstein for introducing me to this treasure of a book.


  1. Thoughts from the Road

“I’ll do it tomorrow.”

In March 2021, John and I spent time several weeks in Phoenix centered around attending the wedding of dear friends. Although we were sorry to miss our North Carolina early-blooming azaleas, camellias, and dogwoods, we were excited to see the desert in full bloom. We visited the Desert Botanical Garden, Boyce Thompson Arboretum and hiked in several beautiful state parks. My favorite walk however was each morning at daybreak when I walked the neighborhood streets. Each day I could watch the progress of the blooms on different cactuses. It was spectacular.

One day, seemingly out of nowhere, there were these amazing huge blossoms on a gorgeous cactus. I didn’t have my phone with me to take a picture. No problem, I thought, I’ll take the picture tomorrow.

It didn’t happen. It couldn’t happen. The next day when I returned with my camera in hand, the blooms were gone! GONE! Those gorgeous blooms were on the Argentine cactus which have a 24-hour life. Here’s a short time-lapse video of the flower blooming and other pictures of this magnificent cactus.

Moral of the story. We all put things off believing we can do it later. Taking a picture. Telling someone you love them. Keeping a promise. The Argentine cactus provided me a needed reminder that postponing an action can result in never having the opportunity again.

Originally published in April 2021.


  1. Josmo’s Café

We have another new chicken recipe to share. I’m back to using my Instant Pot and remembering how much I love it. Instant Pot Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup is easy and fast. The light lemon flavor makes it a perfect early spring dinner.

New neighbors who came to dinner in March gave this Josmo’s Café menu a five-star rating so I want to share it with you. All the prep is done ahead of time so I could enjoy all the conversation. Salmon Baked with Dill Mustard Sauce, Roasted Asparagus with Kalamata Olives, and Near East brand Rice Pilaf. For dessert, we served Lemon Chess Pie with a dollop of whipped cream and fresh raspberries.

We have over 100 recipes on our Josmo’s Café page. If you haven’t visited the entire recipe list please take a look. I’m sure you’ll find something you will like!


  1. Stay Energized

Our Energizer Minute for April is The art of scrambling.

You know how much I enjoy learning from the NPR show Hidden Brain. I listened to an interview from 2020 with social psychologist Elizabeth Dunn called Happiness – Surprising Sources of Joy. What brings the most happiness? Experiences that make memories or material possessions? Listen or read the transcript and find out.


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