October 2019

October 2019

Strategies for Success Newsletter October 2019 Issue 166


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In this October 2019 issue:

  1. Thoughts from the Office
  2. Thoughts from Home
  3. Josmo’s Cafe
  4. Stay Energized
  5. Emily Live


  1. Thoughts from the Office

One of my favorite features on my iPhone is voice mail transcription. Sometimes it’s just easier to read the message than to listen to it. A recent voice mail message was from a colleague, Rick, who is a low talker (thank you Seinfeld!). At the start of the transcription these words were in parentheses – “lack of confidence.” What a surprise to see an appraisal of his communication! Since I know Rick, I don’t believe he lacks confidence, so I certainly found it interesting that voice interpretation technology labeled his message that way.

What do your voice mail messages say about you? Confident or uncertain? Warm or insincere? Enthusiastic or bored? Rushed or patient?

Always be prepared to leave a voice mail message. When you do leave a message, pay attention to your volume, pace, pitch, and tone to reflect the feeling you want to convey.


One more Thought from the Office this month….

How exciting that one of our very own insurance industry experts, Steve Anderson, has written an exceptional book that will help propel any business to a higher level! The Bezos Letters 14 Principles to Grow Your Business Like Amazon provides a roadmap based on Jeff Bezos strategies of risk and growth. Steve examines Bezos’ letters to shareholders to reveal the brilliant concepts that have made Amazon the most innovative and successful business of all time.

In Steve’s practical and easy-to-read book, business owners can put the Amazon success model into play in their organizations. Check out the book’s website TheBezosLetters.com to receive great bonus material when you order your copy.


  1. Thoughts from Home

Unexpected inspiration

It was my annual back-to-school shopping day at South Park mall in Charlotte with Quincey, my cousin’s 15-year old daughter. We hit H&M first, then Old Navy, then lunch at the Cheesecake Factory where we met up with John and Nathan, Quincey’s brother, who have their own regular stops for the day.

Standing in the checkout line at Old Navy I knew the hip young man with a great head of natural dreadlock hair was unique. He was happy, smiling, animated, and engaging with the customers. Luckily, he was available when it was our turn.

Our three-minute connection was inspiring. I complimented Jeremy on his upbeat attitude. He said to us “you’ve got to love what you’re doing at the moment.” How true!

Jeremy took another minute to tell us that his other life is about speaking to groups “to help others realize the choices they make yesterday are what control their tomorrows.” True again!

Jeremy’s attitude and outlook proves something else worth remembering. Each encounter we have is an opportunity to make a positive difference in the life of another.


  1. Josmo’s Café

In the mood for an old-fashioned cookie like my mother used to make, I made some Snickerdoodles. What’s there not to like? A light sugar cookie covered in cinnamon and sugar. Perfect with an early autumn hot mug of apple cider or chamomile tea. Enjoy!

Check out other Josmo’s Cafe recipes on our website.


  1. Stay Energized

Our Energizer Minute podcast for the month of October is Hold on, then let go.

Follow me on Twitter @EmilyHuling to read my weekday Energizer Moments.


  1. Emily Live
  • NAMIC – Communication + Marketing Workshop – Communicating Effectively with Agents and Selling Your Ideas to Leadership – Chicago, IL October 7-9, 2019
  • Agency Management CIC – Strategic Planning and Talent Acquisition – Billings, MT – October 22, 2019


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