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What's New for May 2017

Josmo's Cafe For May, our recipe is Tuscan Chicken. A perfect one-dish recipe with loads of flavorful spices in the marinade. Mix in the morning and go play in the garden or go for a hike. Enjoy!

John has a new remote-controlled model boat! Combining talent, skill, and the patience of a saint, John has created another amazing model boat.  To view John’s slideshow of the building his PT 109 and video of him running it, click on these links Building the 109 and The PT109 in action.

Spring is the time for fun and frolic!  Have some office fun this spring by using some of our 17 Terrific Tips to Create Office Fun. All eleven 17 Terrific Tips columns can be found on our Business Building page  along with articles and other resources.  

Energizer Minutes - Get supercharged with one-to-two minute audio personal storiesThe May 2017 message is The Mirror of Life. Our Energizer Minute home page has links to many past messages. Listen now

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Increase growth and profits by starting your in-house service-selling practices!  Please remember that we have loads of learning materials at our Learning Store. Service Selling Supercharge (weekly 4-minute audio lessons), Selling from the Inside and Great Service Sells (how-to book) continue to be top sellers for in-house service professional development.

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Thoughts of the Month

Save time. Group similar tasks together to complete in one block of time.

Lay back. Spend a day not rushing around. Plan to do less. Relax into it. Enjoy the moments.